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Students In Northwest D.C. Break Ground On 'People's Garden'

Students at Bell Multicultural High School will be putting in the work, as well as reaping the rewards, as they learn what it takes to make a garden successful.


How Should We Test Students' College Educations?

Like many grade schools, a growing number of universities are turning to standardized tests to measure students' educations. Advocates say they are an important tool to help gauge what students learn. Critics insist no single exam can ever accurately measure the value of four years of college.

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American Graduate: Going Beyond The Classroom's Four Walls To Prevent Dropouts

In the latest in our American Graduate series, we find out what school officials are doing to keep tabs on students during the hours when they're not in the classroom.
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Maryland Principal Accused Of Bullying Students, Teachers

In a strange twist on a typical education story -- it's the principal at a Montgomery County school who is being accused of bullying, according to a lawsuit filed by several teachers.

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Ban the Bottle

College campuses across the country are restricting or banning the sale of bottled water, citing student pressure to address environmental concerns. We explore the movement and critics who say that taking the option of bottled water away is not the answer.


Digital Technologies Give Dying Languages New Life

As many as half of the world's languages are at risk of disappearing by the end of the century. More aboriginal groups around the world, including Oregon's Siletz tribe, are using "talking dictionaries" and other digital tools to help preserve their native languages.

Years Later, He Brought Her Passport Back

When 85-year-old Betty Werther was young, she traveled the world. Sixty years later, she got a call. It was a fellow Berkeley alum, and he had found something that belonged to her. What he brought, however, was more than a souvenir.
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Taking on Truancy To Reduce School Dropouts

Skipping school. Playing hookey. Cutting class. We all know people who did it...if we didn't do it ourselves. Today, statistics show chronic truancy often precedes a teenager's decision to drop out of school. So what can a community do?