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D.C. School Librarians Face An Uncertain Future

Some District public-school librarians are worried about their next chapter, now that DCPS has released its new budget.

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Illinois, D.C. Kids Form Unusual Partnership

What happens when a D.C. teacher hears a story about Illinois kids raising money to visit the District?

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Howard University Suspends Athletes For Possible Violation

Howard University has announced that they have temporarily suspended some intercollegiate athletics programs, pending a review of a potential NCAA rule violation.

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Civics Education Advocates Say Virginia Law Was Wrongly Repealed

Virginia educators say a law requiring state teachers to learn about local governments and Virginia history has been repealed in error. 


Shooter At Oakland School Targeted Administrator

More details are emerging about the shooting that left 7 dead at an Oakland university on Monday. The suspect is One Goh, a former nursing student at the school.

Wis. School Districts Saved After Bad Real Estate Deal

Before the financial crisis, five school districts in Wisconsin borrowed $200 million and invested in some very complicated financial instruments tied to real estate. They quickly became worthless. The school districts sued, claiming they were misled about the risk they were taking.

Under Scrutiny, Some Head Start Programs In Limbo

The Obama administration has proposed big changes for the early childhood education program Head Start. Programs the government has labeled "deficient" must now compete for funds to continue operating. But some argue that turning Head Start into a competitive grants program will not be easy.