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Florida Charter Schools Failing Disabled Students

A StateImpact Florida/Miami Herald investigation shows that despite state and federal laws requiring charter schools to give equal access to students with severe disabilities, most charter schools in Florida have few of these students on their roster.

Slipping Out Of The Middle Class Can Hit Kids Hard

The number of American children who qualify for free or reduced school lunches has surged in the economic downturn. For many of those children, it may be the first time they fully understand their family's changing economic situation.

Does School Choice Really Help Students?

More than 2 million children currently attend charter schools, and that number is growing. But not everyone thinks the move away from public schools is best for students. Host Michel Martin speaks with one critic, Natalie Hopkinson. She's a contributing editor for The Root, and has two kids attending schools in the Washington, D.C. area.

Michelle Rhee On 'Take No Prisoners' Approach

Host Michel Martin checks in with Michelle Rhee, the former chancellor of Washington, D.C. Public Schools. As chancellor, she made a number of controversial changes that were both applauded and denounced. A year ago, she started StudentsFirst, a group formed in response to increasing demands for a better public education system in America.