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Concern Grows Over Student Debt

Occupy Wall Street makes some bold demands, including forgiveness of student debt. It's not likely to happen, but there is growing concern that student debt is out of hand. Is the government doing all it can to keep debt problems at a minimum?

U.C. Davis Police Chief, Officers Placed On Leave

The fallout continues at University of California, Davis, after police pepper-sprayed student protesters late last week. The officers have been placed on leave, and officials are promising an investigation.
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Virginia Elementary School Offers Middle School Classes

Students at an elementary school in Virginia now have the opportunity to learn what the "big kids" in middle school learn.


No 'I' In 'Team': Yale-Harvard Game Makes QB Choose

A chance for a Rhodes Scholarship, or the chance to battle your arch-rival football team? Yale quarterback Patrick Witt faced this agonizing choice; Audie Cornish has more.