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Liberal Arts Degrees: An Asset At Some Companies

Technology training and know-how only get you so far in this economy. It turns out many employers now are looking for workers with a broader set of skills. Packaged food giant ConAgra's IT internship program, for example, values a degree in journalism or biology as much as one in computer science. The trend is putting a crimp in the conventional theory that specialization in higher education pays.

Kerry Kennedy: Bullying Is A Human Rights Issue

For many, the struggle for freedom from abuse begins on the playground. The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights has a new effort to address bullying in schools. Kerry Kennedy is the president of the organization and the daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy. She speaks with host Michel Martin.

Penn State President Meets With Alumni

Pennsylvania State University President Rodney Erickson is meeting with alumni this week to address questions about the child sex abuse scandal that rocked the school.
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Maryland Schools Get Top Ranking Fourth Year Running


Education Week has released their state report cards, and for the fourth year in a row, Maryland takes the top spot in the nation -- despite not quite scoring an A.

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District Schools Seek to Leave Behind 'No Child Left Behind' Law

The District is joining approximately 40 states in applying for a waiver to the federal No Child Left Behind law.
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New Scorecards Released For D.C. Schools

New scorecards released by D.C. Public Schools rank 119 schools in the city on achievement, teaching, safety, and other categories.

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O'Malley Will Put More Money Aside For School Construction

Maryland's General Assembly is back in session on Wednesday, and Governor Martin O'Malley has made increased funding for school construction projects a priority.

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NoVA School Officials See Pros And Cons To McDonnell Plan

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is proposing big changes for Virginia's public schools, and the plan is getting mixed reivews from Northern Virginia school officials.