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Life Lessons Learned: The National Teachers Initiative

StoryCorps is honing in on lessons about learning with a new project for the academic year called the National Teachers Initiative. It'll feature conversations with teachers across the country — teachers talking to each other, students interviewing the teachers who changed their lives, and more.

Neurosurgeon Gives Thanks To His Science Teacher

As a middle-school student in the '80s, Lee Buono stayed after school one day to remove the brain and spinal cord from a frog. He did such a good job that his science teacher told him he might be a neurosurgeon someday. That's exactly what Buono did.

Canceling The School Play Won't Avoid 'Kismet'

This week a high school in western Pennsylvania canceled its production of Kismet, citing sensitivity over the Sept. 11 attacks. The musical was adapted from the Arabian Nights; might it not be good for students to learn a lesson about controversy?
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Va. Seeks Waiver From No Child Left Behind

Virginia education officials are planning to seek a waiver to the federal No Child Left Behind law, which requires that students show proficiency in reading and math by 2014.


Obama Announces No Child Left Behind State Waivers

President Obama announced on Friday just what school districts have to do to qualify for waivers from the No Child Left Behind law. States had been pressuring the Department of Education to do something, because, without congressional action, a huge number of school districts would have been labeled as failing under the law.

Obama Lets States Opt Out Of 'No Child Left Behind'

The president said states can now apply for waivers allowing them to scrap the requirement that all children must show they are proficient in reading and math by 2014. But states must first meet conditions designed to better prepare and test students.
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Student Suspended Over Banana Costume

The right to free speech is raised at a Stafford County high school after academic officials suspended a student for sprinting around in a banana costume.