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Thinking Harvard? Ranking System Says Think Again

Washington Monthly magazine is out with a new list of college rankings — and the usual suspects aren't at the head of the class. Host Michel Martin finds out why schools like Texas A&M University are beating out Harvard and Stanford. She speaks with editor Paul Glastris.

Florida Schools In Session, But Teachers Absent

Some of the positions vacated over summer break still haven't been filled permanently, and this isn't the first time that's happened. Part of the problem is last-minute resignations, leaving school districts in a lurch.
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New DCPS Initiative To Provide Incentives For High-Performing Teachers

In an effort to keep the best in teaching talent at home in the District, DCPS has announced a new initiative that gives teachers opportunities for better pay and enhanced responsibility.


Can A New Building Save A Failing School?

For years, School 16 in Rochester, N.Y., has been on the decline. The school's building was falling apart, and test scores were on a steady decline. Now, the school's move to a newer, nicer building brings hope that a better building could spell better academic performance.