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A Lesson In Sprockets Takes Students On A Trip

An artist-turned-teacher from a military family is teaching middle-schoolers to build bikes from scratch. For students who weren't thriving in a traditional classroom, the program provides a burst of insight into the value of hard work and new adventures.

Alums Sue Law School After Failing To Find Work

This week, a judge dismissed a lawsuit against New York Law School filed by some of its own recent graduates. They claimed the school's marketing misled them about their chances of getting jobs as lawyers. Robert Siegel talks with Frank Raimond, an attorney who represented them, about the impact of the ruling. Raimond has been filing similar complaints against other law schools across the country.
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A Different March Madness: DC Public Schools' Out-of-Boundary Lottery

Hundreds of District families enter the public school system’s annual “Out-of-Boundary Lottery.” We explore how parents navigate a complex world of statistics and wait-lists.


Alan Alda Asks Scientists "What Is A Flame?"

At age 11, actor Alan Alda asked his teacher what a flame was. He received a confusing answer: "oxidation." In the spirit of better communicating science, he's created the "Flame Challenge," a contest in which scientists do their best to define a flame. Eleven-year-olds from around the world will judge the entries.


Vanderbilt Rule Rankles Faith-Based Student Groups

Vanderbilt University is enforcing a rule requiring student groups to accept anyone who wants to join, and allow all members to run for leadership positions. The policy creates a dilemma for faith-based organizations: Either drop requirements that leaders hold certain beliefs, or forfeit school funding and move off campus.

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VIDEO: Producing WAMU 88.5's American Graduate Series

WAMU 88.5 education reporter Kavitha Cardoza and Ginger Moored talk about the research and reporting process behind the American Graduate series.

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Students In Northwest D.C. Break Ground On 'People's Garden'

Students at Bell Multicultural High School will be putting in the work, as well as reaping the rewards, as they learn what it takes to make a garden successful.