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Students Born To Illegal Immigrants Sue Over Tuition

In Florida, resident students who are U.S. citizens but born to illegal immigrants are charged out-of-state rates to attend state colleges and universities. They have filed a class-action lawsuit, charging that the regulations violate their constitutional rights.
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Students Move Into Cruise Ship Dormitory

cruise ship deck

St. Mary's College in Maryland is getting creative when it comes to emergency housing for students, giving a whole new meaning to 'Semester at Sea.'

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Some Of DCPS' Top Performing Teachers End Up Unemployed

Hundreds of teachers were let go from DCPS this year, but the evaluation system was supposed to terminate ineffective teachers, and keep the good ones. But some teachers with high ratings are still finding themselves unemployed. 


Obama Unveils New Student Loan Rules

The Obama administration is revising some rules on federally guaranteed student loans. The administration says the changes will make it easier for graduates to repay them. It's making it easier for students to consolidate loans into a single payment and expanding a program that bases payments on a graduate's income. The new rules will affect 7 million of the 36 million student loan borrowers.

Brown University President Simmons Steps Down

In 2001, Ruth Simmons left Smith College to take the helm at Brown University, becoming the first African-American president at an Ivy League school. She's guided Brown through financial challenges, devised a long-term Plan for Academic Enrichment and addressed multiple campus controversies.

Report: College Costs Continue Rising, Aid Cuts Could Add To Pain

Public and private institutions continue to charge more. Aid and tax breaks help temper the sticker shock. But with government spending being squeezed, that sort of assistance may be less generous in coming years.
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Virginia Works To Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome

The commonwealth of Virginia is seeking ways to curb Shaken Baby Syndrome, a form of child abuse that can have devastating consequences.