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Analysis: Students Protest At UVA, Board Meets To Consider Keeping Sullivan

After a tumultuous week at the University of Virginia, the board is planning to meet next week to discuss the possibility of keeping former president Teresa Sullivan. Jack Stripling, a senior reporter for The Chronicle of Higher Education, discusses the issues.

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D.C. Wants Control Of Special Education Busing

The D.C. government is making the case that it should be able to take control of the transportation of special education students in the District. That transportation has been under federal oversight for several years. 

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UVA Board To Meet June 26 Amidst Push To Reinstate Sullivan

The University of Virginia Board of Visitors has scheduled meeting for June 26, giving backers just a few days to muster support to potentially reinstate Teresa Sullivan as president of the school.


Kids Get Hands-On With Science In A 'Dream Garage'

As California's public schools have cut back on science programs, Dan Sudran has created the Community Science Workshop Network to help fill the gap. The free workshops let low-income kids play with microscopes and build hot air balloons.

Are Public Universities Still Public?

The recent firing of the president of the University of Virginia brought that public university into the national spotlight. But on Thursday, the Commonwealth of Virginia contributes only seven percent of the university's budget. Many other public universities receive similarly small percentages of their funding from state budgets, which raises the question — how public are our public universities? Robert Siegel talks to Eric Kelderman, reporter for The Chronicle of Higher Education.
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Science Diplomacy

When tensions among nations are at their height, connections among scientists can be a powerful avenue for maintaining ties and backdoor diplomacy.