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Detroit Teachers Mull Strike Over Imposed Contract

The existing contract for Detroit teachers was ripped up and chucked into the trash by the school district's emergency financial manager. The teachers' union is angry and making noise about a possible strike.
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Students Making Sacrifices To Meet College Costs

As the cost of education rises and the economy continues to take a toll on family incomes, more students are making sacrifices to make their higher education dreams come true.

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial Expansion Gets Approval

Organizers have gotten preliminary approval for construction of a new education center at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which include an extensive underground element.

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Virginia Makes Progress On NCLB Waiver

Amidsts concerns about meeting goals set by No Child Left Behind, Virginia education officials are working on new standards that would allow them attain a two-year waiver from federal standards.

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DCPS Students Engage In Foreign Policy Program

A group of D.C. public school students will have the special opportunity to meet with some of the nation's leading policy makers.

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"Reading Rainbow" Returns: LeVar Burton

Actor LeVar Burton on the roles that have defined his career and the relaunch of "Reading Rainbow."


Report: Penn State Did Nothing To Stop Sandusky

A former FBI director has released findings from his investigation into the Penn State child sexual abuse scandal. The university's board of trustees commissioned the report, asking him to examine what led to the scandal and how such problems could be prevented in the future.

Sandusky's Scandal Still Rocking Penn State

Melissa Block talks to Penn State associate dean Marie Hardin about how the school's campus culture has changed as a result of the Sandusky trial and the university investigation.
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Andrew Delbanco: "College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be" (Rebroadcast)

The value of college in an era of rising tuition and high unemployment. A prominent cultural critic argues for a broadly humanistic model for higher education.