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Future Of Student Loan Rates Undecided

The president used his weekly radio address to call for an extension of low subsidized student loan rates, while Republicans in the region say it's the president who needs to compromise.

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'Rally Of Honor' Held For Ousted UVA President

A "Rally for Honor" is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday at UVA to support the university's ousted president, Teresa Sullivan.


A Year Without Mexican-American Studies In Tucson

An Arizona law that went into effect last year essentially ruled that the program offered in the city's public school system was divisive and should be scrapped. At the end of the first semester without the classes, hard feelings still linger.
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Postal Museum Set To Open New Gallery

The National Postal Museum will be opening a new gallery showcasing more than 20,000 objects.


The Shop Class Stigma: What Title IX Didn't Change

Title IX, which became law 40 years ago, bans sex discrimination from educational programs and activities. Vocational courses that had barred girls — such as auto mechanics and carpentry — became available to everyone. But it's still hard to find girls willing to sign up for those classes.

As Deadline Nears, Students Worry About Loan Hike

Congress has a matter of days left to work out a compromise or interest rates on some federal student loans will double. That's left many students concerned their heavy debt burden will only grow.
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Cheating Violations Found In 3 DCPS Schools

A firm tasked with rooting out cheating on standardized tests in D.C. public schools found three violations in the more than 1,200 classrooms in the District.


4th Grader Lets School Know She's Got Rights

When the girls basketball team was cut from Charlotte Murphy's Pittsburgh school last year, the then 4th grader told the superintendent that the cut went against Title IX. For the 40th anniversary of Title IX, the law that prohibits schools from discriminating on the basis of sex, host Michel Martin talks to Murphy and Superintendent Linda Lane.
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Analysis: Students Protest At UVA, Board Meets To Consider Keeping Sullivan

After a tumultuous week at the University of Virginia, the board is planning to meet next week to discuss the possibility of keeping former president Teresa Sullivan. Jack Stripling, a senior reporter for The Chronicle of Higher Education, discusses the issues.