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University Of Georgia To Honor First Black Graduate

Mary Frances Early arrived at the university in the summer of 1961 as a graduate student during the height of desegregation in the South. Riots caused the first black students at the university to be temporarily suspended, and that's when Early was quietly getting her degree. Critics suggest Early's accomplishments have been largely overlooked.
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Low-Income Students To Receive Federal Assistance On AP Tests

Low-income students in Maryland and Virginia will receive federal assistance to help pay for advanced placement tests.


Running For Others In Richmond, Ky.

A group of Eastern Kentucky University alumnae organized a running team to try to raise $10,000 to seed a women's leadership scholarship that might encourage female leaders.
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School Enrollment Up In Virginia, Straining Resources

There are more students packed into Virginia public schools than ever, even as school budgets have been frozen in place, leaving administrators scrambling to plug the gaps.

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Gov. McDonnell Touts Virginia's Slowed Tuition Hikes

Tuition increases in Virginia will be able 4.6 percent for the commonwealth's public universities, a far cry from the double-digit tuition increases in the last decade.

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DCPS Cheating Limited To One School, Inspector General Says

The inspector general for D.C. Public Schools has determined a standardized test cheating scandal reported earlier this year by USA Today was limited to one school and one teacher and does not warrant a district-wide probe.


Paying For College: Financial Aid In America, In 2 Graphics

Tuition has gone through the roof in the past decade. But so has financial aid.

To Prevent A Tragedy, How Much Can A School Do?

Many are asking if University of Colorado officials should have known that former student James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora, Colo., shootings, was potentially dangerous. Schools nationwide are evaluating how they respond to threats, and grappling with limits on what they can do to prevent such tragedies.
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Coaches Prepare For New Preseason Heat Rules In Maryland

Pre-season high school sports practices are about to begin, and coaches and other researchers are preparing to implement new rules in Maryland that help athletes avoid heat-related illnesses during the hottest months.