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College-Bound Latino Students At New High

More Latino students are enrolling in college now than ever before, according to a report by the Pew Hispanic Center. But Latinos still lag behind other groups in preparing for and completing college. Guest host Viviana Hurtado discusses the report's findings with Richard Fry of the Pew Hispanic Center and the College Board's Jim Montoya.

Obama Stresses Education In Ohio, Nevada

President Obama campaigned in Ohio on Tuesday. His message was personal and aimed at college students. The president said he too had been saddled with student loans, and that he understands the burden and the value of education. He also criticized his Republican rivals Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for supporting a budget that would make deep cuts in Pell Grants and other programs important to young people. Melissa Block talks with Scott Horsley.

Economy Exacerbates College Students' Stress

From heavy course loads to parental expectations, the pressure to succeed can be daunting for college students. And the gloomy economy often makes things worse. Paying for college can be stressful, and many students worry about choosing majors that will give them better chances at landing jobs.

High School Daze: The Perils Of Sacrificing Sleep For Late-Night Studying

A new study finds that when teens don't get the sleep they need on a given night, the next day all kinds of things can go poorly. The study builds on a body of evidence that finds sleep and learning are inextricably linked.

UCLA's MBA Program Wants To Give Up State Funds

The proposal would make the Anderson School of Management more autonomous and financially independent of the University of California system. But critics — including some faculty — worry the move means the school will stray from its public mission.

Being Good Students In Sherman, Texas

The Service Station is the campus hub of organized service activities at Austin College. Students run it and plan all the community service projects.
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Greenbelt MS Opens For First Day Of School

Prince George's County students are heading back to school today, and several hundred of them, to a brand new building.

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UMD Students Petition Against Chick-Fil-A

Students at the University of Maryland College Park are joining the Chick-fil-A fray with a petition calling for the fast food chain's on-campus location to be shut down.