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What's A Charter School If Not A Game Changer?

The publicly funded, privately run schools are at a crossroads. The initial goal was to experiment with alternative ways of educating children, but as charter schools spread rapidly, not all are making the intended impact.

The Sound Of Art In Los Angeles, Calif.

Sound Art is a mobile music program that teaches children how to play instruments and create music.

Possible Harvard Cheating Scandal Nets 125 Students

Harvard University is investigating 125 students for possible cheating on a final exam last spring. An investigation showed that nearly half the students in an undergraduate government class may have collaborated or plagiarized on a take-home test. If confirmed, it would be the largest cheating scandal at the university in recent memory.
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Michelle Rhee Talks Education At RNC

Former D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee says Republicans and Democrats have more similarities than differences when it comes to education.


Norwalk, Ct., Schools Avert Budget Crisis

Like many cities, Norwalk has been repeatedly forced to cut its school budget. But this year, a $10 million shortfall forced a demand for even steeper cuts and big concessions from the teachers union. As the new school year begins, wounds are still deep after the frustrating budget battle.
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Jumping Inside The Art Of Video Games

The Smithsonian is hosting an exhibit exploring video games as art.

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Library Of Congress Preserves A Treasure Trove... Underground

A former Cold War bunker houses the Library of Congress Packard Campus of the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center: The world's largest collection of films, TV programs and sound recordings.


Using Energy For Good In Houston, Texas

Energy executives raise money for a non-profit group that helps inner-city kids succeed academically.