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Duncan On Chicago: 'When Adults Fight, Kids Lose'

The Chicago teachers' strike came to an end this week. Host Scott Simon speaks with Education Secretary Arne Duncan about the resolution.
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D.C.'s Charter Schools Look At Suspension, Expulsion Rates

D.C.'s public charter schools suspended more than 300 students over the course of the 2011-2012 school year, and 230 students were expelled, according to new data released by the charter schools board.


FAMU's Town Hall Calls For Hazing To Be Reported

Florida A&M University held a meeting on Thursday for students to talk about hazing. Last November drum major Robert Champion died in a hazing incident, and more than a dozen students face criminal charges. The event thrust the university and the issue of hazing into the national spotlight.

College Student Recalls High School Homelessness

High school was tough for Tierra Jackson. She shared a single room in a Chicago homeless shelter with six other family members, and her mom was in and out of prison. But today, the college junior says school is her ticket out.

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'Mr. Teachbad' Channels Classroom Frustrations Into A Blog

A former D.C. public school teacher is channeling his frustrations into a scorcher of a blog known as "Mr. Teachbad: Where Teachers Laugh and Complain"


What's Driving Dropout Rate For Black, Latino Men?

A new report says barely half of Latino and Black men graduate from high school in four years. Host Michel Martin discusses the dropout rate and what's being done about it. She speaks with John H. Jackson of the Schott Foundation for Public Education, and Pilar Montoya of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.