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Responses Arise Over Guards Carrying Guns In Virginia Schools

The debate continues over whether security guards in Virginia's public schools should carry guns.

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St. Mary's College President

Kojo talks with the president of St. Mary's College about the value of a liberal arts education, the new campus pub and getting first-generation students to pursue a degree.

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Local Gun Control After Newtown

A month after the Newtown, Conn., elementary school massacre, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley outlined a "comprehensive approach" to dealing with gun violence that includes some of the strictest gun-control measures in the country.

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The Power Of Online Petitions

Petitions are an age-old tool for activists, but the Internet is transforming their creation and their spread. Kojo explores the surge in online petitions and their power to influence the national discourse.


Op-Ed: To Close The Achievement Gap, Don't Lower The Bar

Florida and Virginia adopted new academic standards for students based on race and ability — refocusing attention on the U.S. achievement gap. In a piece in the Miami Herald, syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts argues that lowering the bar is not the way to fix the education system.

Eyes Glazed? Cutting Through The Fiscal Talks

You might be feeling a bit hung over from all the 'fiscal cliff' negotiations. But the financial talks in Washington aren't over yet. In the coming months, the White House and Congress will face three major economic challenges. Host Michel Martin breaks down what you need to know for the next round of fiscal talks.
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Montgomery County Elem. Schools May Get Security Upgrade

Montgomery County school officials voted unanimously last night to increase security measures at the county's elementary schools; now it's up to the County Council to approve the $364,000 needed to finance the improvements.