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Gay Marriage Proponents, Detractors Both Call For Gallaudet Officer's Reinstatement

Both conservative groups and proponents of gay marriage support the reinstatement of a Gallaudet diversity officer suspended after signing a petition to put gay marriage on the Maryland ballot.

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The Color Complex In The Black Community

Kojo talks with author and activist Marita Golden about the dividing line of skin color within the African-American community.

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Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Joshua Starr

A year after taking the helm of Montgomery County Public Schools, Superintendent Josh Starr talks about deciphering new report cards, empowering students to lead their own learning and encouraging teachers to collaborate.


Tough Times, Even Higher Debts For College Graduates

Two-thirds of graduates left college last year with student loans hanging over their heads. The average amount they owed was $26,600, up 5 percent from the previous year. Nearly 9 percent of the graduates were unemployed and 19.1 percent were working part time or had given up looking for a job.

Contraception, Pell Grants 'In Context' After Debate

We're taking a closer look at two issues that came up during Tuesday's presidential debate — contraceptive coverage and funding for higher education. Robert Siegel talks with Julie Rovner and Claudio Sanchez to put the candidates' comments in context.
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Hearst Elementary Parents Want Answers On Renovation

Parents of students at DCPS's Hearst Elementary School in Tenleytown are pushing the District to make good on funding to renovate the school.


Op-Ed: Maybe We Don't Need Military Academies

Bruce Fleming, English professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, thinks military academies like the USNA and West Point infantilize students, and can't be relied upon to produce the best leaders. In The Chronicle of Higher Education, he questions whether they should even exist anymore.
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Gallaudet Diversity Officer Fires Back Over Petition Controversy

gallaudet university

After being put on administrative leave for signing a petition to put Maryland's same-sex marriage law on the ballot, Gallaudet's chief diversity officer is calling the school's response bullying and intolerant.


Can College Students Handle Their Own Finances?

America's student loan debt is more than one trillion dollars, according to government agencies. Now, a former professor says high schools and colleges need to do more to help students manage their debt load. Host Michel Martin speaks with writer Laura McKenna about her online op-ed for The Atlantic.
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Practical Joke At D.C. High School Triggers Massive Emergency Response

A prank at St. John's College High School triggered a large D.C. Fire and hazmat crew response for what turned out to be a practical joke.