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Court Questions University's Affirmative Action Plan

At issue is whether the University of Texas, Austin discriminated against a white applicant when it did not offer her a spot. At Wednesday's argument, a court majority seemed poised to reverse or severely cut back previous decisions related to affirmative action programs in college admissions.
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Two-Thirds Of Virginia Students Meet Education Goals

Virginia is operating on new annual benchmarks in place of those imposed by the No Child Left Behind Act, and this year 68 percent of students met expectations.


NPRedchat Tweet: Failing Schools Risky For Kids

Miami-based reporter Sarah Gonzalez updates host Michel Martin on comments and questions from Twitter at #NPRedchat.

NPRedchat Tweet: Teaching Reading Takes A Village

Miami-based reporter Sarah Gonzalez updates host Michel Martin on the discussion happening on Twitter at #NPRedchat.

Can Online Education Tackle Achievement Gap?

The Khan Academy is a leading online education tool. Founder Salman Khan started the company after tutoring his niece who was struggling with middle school math. His new book is The One World Schoolhouse and he speaks with host Michel Martin.

To Shut Down Or Invest More In Failing Schools?

Washington D.C. and Miami, Florida have taken two different approaches to turning schools around. As D.C. public schools chancellor, Michelle Rhee fired more than 200 teachers who she said were underperforming. Miami-Dade school district's Alberto Carvalho has pushed for federal money to help poor-performing schools. Both join host Michel Martin.