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Pa. Governor Sues NCAA Over Penn State Sanctions

Pennsylvania's governor says he is suing the National Collegiate Athletics Association in federal court over harsh sanctions imposed on Penn State. Those sanctions followed a child sexual abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky, an ex-assistant football coach. The penalties included millions in fines, a four-year bowl ban and the forfeiture of 112 wins by its football team and were signed off on by the university. But Gov. Tom Corbett says the penalties are unfair and filed an anti-trust suit.
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UVA Calls For Investigation Into 2012 Accreditation Warning

University of Virginia alumni and trustees asked the Education Department to look into why the school was put on warning following its failed attempt to fire President Teresa Sullivan last summer.


How 'Deferred Action' Will Affect Classrooms

The new year could bring new challenges to the nation's schools and students. Host Michel Martin discusses what's ahead with NPR Education Correspondent, Claudio Sanchez. He says immigration policy and the demand for Pell Grants could have a huge effect on American education in 2013.
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Prince George's Schools Struggle To Fill Nurse Positions

Prince George's County Schools are working to hire dozens of nurses to make up for a shortage in the system. Approximately 10 percent of the county's schools don't have a full time nurse on staff.

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Two Virginia Schools Top Rankings Of University Values

Kiplinger Personal Finance has placed two Virginia universities in their "10 Best Public College Values, 2013." Can you guess which schools made it?


With Growth Of 'Hacker Scouting,' More Kids Learn To Tinker

With the rise of the do-it-yourself movement, more groups are springing up to encourage kids to link crafts and science. Modeled on more traditional Scouting groups, kids and their parents meet up in tool-filled "hacker spaces" to build electronics and get creative.
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D.C. Neighborhood Wins Education Grant

A neighborhood in northeast D.C. has won a $25 million grant to support educational initiative.