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Lockdowns The Norm For Schools With Frequent Threats

Even before the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., schools have long tried to figure out how to prepare and respond in the event of a shooter on campus. Youth Radio reporter Robin Gee reports from the Bay Area on what lockdowns mean, and what they feel like to kids.
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Bloomberg Donates Millions To Hopkins

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made a multi-million dollar donation to his alma mater in Maryland.


The GOP And Taxes: In The States, It Can Get Complicated

Republican Mike Pence just began his term as Indiana governor with a plan to cut the state income tax rate, joining Louisiana's Bobby Jindal, Wisconsin's Scott Walker, Nebraska's Dave Heineman and other GOP governors in pushing for similar plans. But some Republican state legislators aren't convinced.

Amid Gun Debate, What Will Actually Protect Kids?

Putting guns in schools may make people think more of Terminator than teaching. But Emily Richmond of the National Education Writers Association says that it's time to step back from the hysteria. She talks to host Michel Martin about practical ways to make schools safer.
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Virginia Parents Push For After-School Activities For Homeschooled Kids

Virginia parents who homeschool their kids are again appealing to Richmond to let their students take part in after-school activities.
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D.C. Parents Could End Up Charged Under New Truancy Bill

Under a new bill proposed by Council member David Catania, parents in the District could face charges if their children continue to miss classes.

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Virginia Debates Putting Armed Guards In Schools

A Virginia task force charged with reexamining school safety in the commonwealth is debating whether to require an armed guard in every school — but not everyone is sold on the idea.