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Op-Ed: Maybe We Don't Need Military Academies

Bruce Fleming, English professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, thinks military academies like the USNA and West Point infantilize students, and can't be relied upon to produce the best leaders. In The Chronicle of Higher Education, he questions whether they should even exist anymore.
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Gallaudet Diversity Officer Fires Back Over Petition Controversy

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After being put on administrative leave for signing a petition to put Maryland's same-sex marriage law on the ballot, Gallaudet's chief diversity officer is calling the school's response bullying and intolerant.


Can College Students Handle Their Own Finances?

America's student loan debt is more than one trillion dollars, according to government agencies. Now, a former professor says high schools and colleges need to do more to help students manage their debt load. Host Michel Martin speaks with writer Laura McKenna about her online op-ed for The Atlantic.
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Practical Joke At D.C. High School Triggers Massive Emergency Response

A prank at St. John's College High School triggered a large D.C. Fire and hazmat crew response for what turned out to be a practical joke.

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Technology-Based Program Teaches D.C. Students Math

Middle school students in D.C. will soon begin learning math using a new technology-based, individualized model.


School Choice: A Subject Both Candidates Support

The right to choose the school you want your child to attend has been the subject of court battles and bitter political debates. Still, both President Obama and Mitt Romney have made school choice a cornerstone of their efforts to reform public education.
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DCPS Selects Teacher, Principal Of The Year

D.C. has named its principal and teacher of the year for the 2011-2012 school year. The award comes with a $10,000 cash prize. 


To Survive A Shooting, Students Learn To Fight Back

Many schools and colleges train students and staff to lock doors, call police and stay put during shooting threats. But a growing number of schools are adopting the advice of security experts who say students should be taught when and how to fight back when confronted by a gunman.

Obama, Romney On Higher Ed Help: Dueling Visions

Many Americans feel like paying for college seems out of reach. How big is the issue in the presidential campaign? The candidates have offered what boils down to this choice: Either the government spends more to help families pay for college or it spends less to save taxpayers money.