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Join The Education Conversation With Tell Me More

Tell Me More will host a live radio broadcast and Twitter Education Forum on October 10th. Host Michel Martin will discuss the roles of teachers, parents, government, business --- and of course, social media. To do that, Martin wants to start the conversation now with listeners via Twitter. Join Tell Me More on Twitter today by using #npredchat.

Online Education Grows Up, And For Now, It's Free

Top universities are embracing free online education. Dozens of schools, such as the University of Pennsylvania, are now offering classes to thousands of people across the world. But what will this mean for the future of the classroom, and the brand of the universities involved?
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Maryland Sequestration Could Cut Thousands Of Jobs

Maryland state officials are taking a look at what the federal budget sequester would mean for the state's bottom line.

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Virginia's Revised Education Requirements Draw Complaints Of Discrimination

Virginia is making changes to its standards for underperforming schools, but the way their performance is evaluated has drawn some criticism as discriminatory.


Parsing Fact From Fiction In 'Won't Back Down'

With a star-studded cast and a catchy title, Won't Back Down tells a powerful story that champions charter schools, vilifies teachers unions and lionizes parents who organize to take over a bad school. But how much of the movie is accurate and how much is fiction?