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Former DCPS Chancellor Rhee: Pace Of Reform Has Changed

former DCPS chancellor michelle rhee

Michelle Rhee was a controversial figure when she was chancellor of the DCPS years ago. Now, she reflects on her former public perception and compares the changes she made with those being made now.


Betwixt And Between: Studying Multiracial Identity

In 1989, Reginald Daniel began teaching a college course on multiracial identity called Betwixt and Between. It's the longest-running college course addressing the multiracial experience. For his continuing studies and research, Daniel received the Loving Prize. Originally broadcast June 21, 2012.
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Fairfax County Schools' Planetarium Shut Down Indefinitely

Parents and school officials are divided over the future of a planetarium at a Fairfax County middle school.

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Montgomery County Holds Town Hall For Students

Montgomery County students will have the opportunity to speak their minds at a county council meeting this week.

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D.C. Scholarship Helps Students Attend College Close To Home

The District is making it easier for 185 students to attend college close to home.


Education Pioneer Takes Border School To New Level

Juliet Garcia has made a name for herself as a trailblazer in education. She's the president of the University of Texas at Brownsville, a college near the U.S. - Mexico border with about 95 percent Latino students. Garcia speaks with host Michel Martin about her career and her commitment to serve the community where she was raised.
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Former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee Reflects On Past Leadership

One year after her departure from the helm of DCPS, Michelle Rhee is reflecting on her controversial leadership of the city schools.

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Secretary Of Education Arne Duncan

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan just completed a cross-country bus tour promoting education as an investment in America's future. He joins Diane to talk about ongoing reforms and challenges still facing our nation's schools. Later in the hour, a panel of education experts give their views on what is and isn't working in the U.S. education system.


Some Schools Actually Want Students To Play With Their Smartphones In Class

Smartphones and tablets can be a big distraction to students, but some schools are embracing these Internet-ready mobile devices as tools for learning. Bring-your-own-device policies have benefits in the classroom, but there are drawbacks, too.