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Your School Shapes How You Think About Inequality

A new book looks at how high school students' perceptions of race and injustice change based on how diverse their school is.

University Of Oklahoma Implements Diversity Training After Scrutiny

Earlier this year, the University of Oklahoma expelled two students after a racially charged video surfaced from fraternity members. NPR returns to the campus to see how the newly mandated diversity classes are fairing.

How Black Students At Mizzou Are Coping With This Week's Threats

Since online threats targeting black students were posted online, black students have found ways to support each other.

The Incubator School: E Is For Experimental & Entrepreneur

At this Los Angeles school, STEM and entrepreneurship are as important as reading and math.

On Campus Racism And The Fairy Tale Of The P.C. Police

Here's an idea: Instead of worrying about the students who point out violent threats on Yik Yak, worry about the students making threats.

College Protests Raise Questions About Culture Of Political Correctness

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with writer Roxane Gay and New York Magazine political columnist Jonathan Chait about activism and political correctness on today's college campuses.

Mizzou's Black Students Cope With Fear Spawned By Death Threats

The University of Missouri's Black Culture Center has become a hub for black students afraid after Tuesday's death threats. Students are also escorting each other to class and coping in other ways.

Black Administrator Named University Of Missouri System's Interim President

Michael Middleton, a recently retired administrator, has been appointed as the university system's interim president.

Your Questions On Period Huts, Child Brides, Girls' Soccer — Answered

You read the stories in our #15Girls series and posed some really good questions. (Wish we'd thought of them first.) Here are answers from our correspondents.
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The United States Marine Band Seeks Its Next Young Soloist

The United States Marine Band — a.k.a. "The President's Own" — has played at every presidential inauguration since Thomas Jefferson was elected. These days it performs at the White House as many as 200 times a year. Now, the band is holding a national high school competition to select a soloist for an upcoming concert.