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Why It's Never Too Late To Rescue Failing Students

By the time a teenager is ditching classes and hanging with wrong crowd, is it too late? One woman set out to prove that with the right support, these students can make it.

Want Kids To Eat More Veggies? Market Them With Cartoons

The food industry has long marketed highly processed products to kids with characters like Tony the Tiger. But similar tactics can also work to sway school kids to eat more vegetables, a study finds.

School's Out, And For Many Students, So Is Lunch

For low-income students who normally rely on their school cafeterias for a nutritious meal, summer brings a familiar question: What's for lunch?

University Of Tennessee Settles Sexual Assault Lawsuit

The school has settled for nearly $2.5 million with eight plaintiffs who said athlete perpetrators and their teammates actively discouraged women from bringing rape charges.

How Teachers Can Help 'Quiet Kids' Tap Their Superpowers

Remember that quiet kid in class who never spoke up? In New York, teachers are learning how to make sure the ideas of introverts don't get overlooked.

How To Raise Brilliant Children, According To Science

Two developmental psychologists break down 21st century skills and give everyday tips for parents on how to instill them.

The People Vs. Coloring Books: The Verdict Is In

Coloring books are everywhere. Some kids and parents love them. Even grown-ups are getting in on the fun. But do they have any educational value?

Babies Of Color Are Now The Majority, Census Says

Today's generation of schoolchildren looks much different than it did just a few decades ago.
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How A D.C. Diversion Program Helps Get Young Lives Off The Ropes

The city-run Alternatives to the Court Experience program (ACE) is receiving an award today for the work they've done channeling the energy of at-risk kids like young Bernard into productive pursuits.


From YouTube Pioneer Sal Khan, A School With Real Classrooms

Sal Khan, a pioneer of online tutorials with his successful Khan Academy, has established a private brick-and-mortar laboratory school in Silicon Valley. He plans to share its lessons with educators.