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Freedom With Fries? Texas Official Wants Deep Fryers Back In Schools

The agricultural commissioner wants to roll back a decade-old ban on soda machines and deep fryers in schools. He says it's not about giving kids a treat but about giving school districts the choice.

Raising Graduation Rates With Questionable Quick Fixes

The nation's high school graduation rate is at a record-high 81 percent. Why? Because states are doing good things ... or using some sleight of hand.
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High School Graduation Rates In D.C.: Inside The Numbers With Kavitha Cardoza

WAMU 88.5 special correspondent Kavitha Cardoza talks about D.C. public schools' graduation rates and her participation in NPR's recent project about graduation rates nationwide.


Guess Which State Has The Best High School Graduation Rate?

The national graduation rate has hit a remarkable 81 percent. Why the steep rise in recent years? Exhibit A: Iowa.

Virginia Court Is Ordered To Reconsider Injunction In Sweet Briar College Case

The legal battle over Sweet Briar's fate has been fast-moving — the private women's school is slated to close on Aug. 25.


High School Graduation Rates: The Good, The Bad And The Ambiguous

From Texas to New Jersey, we found a mix of approaches: questionable quick fixes and powerful long-term strategies.

This Summer, The Cafeteria Comes To The Kids

Twenty-one million kids eat free and reduced-price meals throughout the school year, but getting them fed during the summer is a challenge.
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Graduation Gowns Are Ditching The Gender Binary At Some Maryland Schools

In Montgomery County, Maryland, several high schools are changing the colors of their graduation gowns as part of the shifting cultural norms around gender identity.

The Truth About America's Graduation Rate

NPR Ed asked 14 reporters around the U.S., including our Kavitha Cardoza, to find out why graduation rates have been rising.


Are High School Exit Exams An Unnecessary Barrier To Graduation?

Eight times Brandon Lewis has taken Florida's Algebra I end-of-course exam. And eight times he's failed it.