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Top Silicon Valley High Schools Respond To Rising Suicide Rate

At two top-tier high schools in Palo Alto, Calif., the suicide rate is four times higher than the national average over the last 10 years. NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Hanna Rosin, who's reported for The Atlantic, on what might be behind the trend and how the schools are responding.

Corinthian Colleges Misled Students On Job Placement, Investigation Finds

The U.S. Department of Education and California's attorney general say the company overstated job-placement rates by up to 100 percent.
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The Hidden History Of How Slavery Funded Georgetown University

Georgetown students have staged protests against campus buildings named for a former university president with a complicated history in the slave trade.


Hey, New Teacher, Don't Quit. It Will Get Better

One new teacher in 10 will quit by the end of the first year. One teacher coined a phrase that explains why: Dark, Evil Vortex Of Late September, October and November, or DEVOLSON.

Georgetown University To Rename Buildings Named After Slaveowners

Georgetown University is renaming two campus buildings in a bow to student concerns. The buildings are named for past Georgetown presidents who organized the sale of slaves to help pay off campus debt in the 1830s.


A $95.5 Million Settlement In For-Profit College Case

The company, EDMC, also agrees to adopt new safeguards for recruiting and disclosure. Education Secretary Duncan calls it "a clear warning to other career colleges out there."

Did You Know You Can Lower Your Student Loan Payments? I Didn't

Many, many more Americans would qualify for income-driven repayment plans, if only they knew about them.

Yale Students Speak Out About Racism On Campus

Large demonstrations at Yale University over recent weeks have drawn attention to students' concerns about institutional racism. A student-led movement is calling for some big changes on campus.

Your School Shapes How You Think About Inequality

A new book looks at how high school students' perceptions of race and injustice change based on how diverse their school is.

University Of Oklahoma Implements Diversity Training After Scrutiny

Earlier this year, the University of Oklahoma expelled two students after a racially charged video surfaced from fraternity members. NPR returns to the campus to see how the newly mandated diversity classes are fairing.