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For Some Sexual Assault Activists, Trump Tape Is A Teachable Moment

The videotape of Donald Trump bragging about groping and kissing women is already being used on campuses as a case study to teach students everything from bystander intervention to consent.

Born In The U.S., Raised In China: 'Satellite Babies' Have A Hard Time Coming Home

Some immigrant families from China send their U.S.-born babies to their home country to be raised by relatives. Psychologists are studying what happens when these children return home.
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Should D.C. Public Schools Make School Lunches In-House?

A new report from the city auditor's office recommends that D.C. Public Schools manage its own food program.


Choose A Book And Read To Your Barber, He'll Take A Little Money Off The Top

A great way for kids to brush up on reading skills? Why, reading to the barber, of course. That's the idea at one barbershop in Ypsilanti, Mich. Oh, and in Houston, Dubuque, Iowa, and Columbus, Ohio.

5 Stories To Read For International Day Of The Girl

The 1.1 billion girls of the world face many unique challenges, and education is high on the list.

Trace The Remarkable History Of The Humble Pencil

The classroom writing implement has roots in exploding stars, the French Revolution, the British crown jewels and Walden Pond.

No Teachers Strike; Classes As Usual For Chicago Public Schools Students

A tentative deal between the Chicago Teachers Union and the nation's third-largest school district was agreed to shortly before picket lines were scheduled to go up early Tuesday morning.

PHOTOS: Students, Police Clash In South Africa Over Free Tuition Demands

Fires, stone-throwing, tear gas and water cannon filled the campus of the University of the Witwatersrand on Monday, when the school was supposed to reopen after weeks of unrest.

Where Are They Now? Our #15Girls, A Year Later

Each of the teenage girls we profiled last year were at a turning point in their lives. How are they doing in 2016? Our reporters check in.

Race, School Ratings And Real Estate: A 'Legal Gray Area'

When school test scores are published on real estate web sites, is that an objective data point, or a subtle form of racial steering? Experts say it's complicated.