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Digital Natives, Except When It Comes To Textbooks

Textbook prices are high and rising, yet one obvious alternative to paying for paper — the e-textbook — just hasn't caught on, even with a new, digital-savvy generation of students.
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Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Joshua Starr

The chief of Maryland's largest school district discusses, discipline, overcrowding and project-based learning.

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Duke Ellington School Principal Dies At Age 53

D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson says Father John Payne's death is a "tremendous loss" for D.C.'s public schools.
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On Professional Development Days, D.C. Teachers Become Students

Today is the first of 10 professional development days for teachers at D.C. public schools, an opportunity for them to sharpen their skills as educators.

Who Needs Algebra? New Approach To College Math Helps More Pass.

The subject long been considered essential to a well-rounded education, but it's also been a subject that keeps millions of people from getting a degree.

How College Students Battled Textbook Publishers To A Draw, In 3 Graphs

The price of new textbooks has gone through the roof. But what students spend on books has barely budged.
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How Patawomeck Descendants Strive To Preserve Their Near-Extinct Language

The Potomac River derives its name from a Native American tribe called the Patawomeck. One Patawomeck descendant is striving to preserve her heritage by keeping alive what they have left of the language.

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Enrollment Ticks Up 2.7 Percent At D.C. Public Schools

The number of students attending D.C. Public Schools continues the upward trend that began in 2008.

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Enrollment Up Again In D.C.'s Traditional And Charter Schools

Enrollment in the District's traditional public and public charter schools has increased again this year, according to initial tallies released by D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson and the D.C. Public Charter School Board.
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Changes To DCPS Special Education Services Pass Unanimously

A bill to improve special education services at D.C. public schools spearheaded by mayoral hopeful David Catania passed without opposition in the D.C. Council.