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Henderson Says Extended Days At D.C. Schools Are Helping Students

Twenty-five traditional public schools in D.C. have extended their days, and Chancellor Kaya Henderson says that it's already making a difference for students.

Tools Of The Trade: The Abacus

Many teachers still rely on this centuries-old calculating device to provide a hands-on approach to math.

Five Great Teachers On What Makes A Great Teacher

For our 50 Great Teachers series, a panel of experts shares thoughts on great teaching: past, present, and future.

For-Profit Colleges Sue The Federal Government Over Student Loan Rules

An industry group calls an attempt to regulate the career college industry "unlawful, arbitrary and irrational."

Pythagoras' iPhone: Is Listening A Lost Classroom Art?

We began our 50 Great Teachers series with a look at Socrates, which raised a question: Do educators focus enough on teaching students how to listen?

Harvard Secretly Photographed Classrooms To Monitor Attendance

Some students and faculty are upset about the surveillance, but lots of colleges do this kind of thing all the time.

The Secret Lives Of Teachers: Up, Up And Away!

Our series continues as we head into the sky with a social studies teacher with a passion for flying.

In South Carolina, A Program That Makes Apprenticeships Work

Apprenticeship programs have been in decline, but South Carolina is bucking the trend. Nearly 11,000 apprentices have been trained there since 2007 in fields ranging from manufacturing to nursing.

Charlotte's College Of Faith Lacks A Campus But Not A Football Team

Normally, colleges create their football teams. But now we have the story of a football coach who created a college. It's an online school called College of Faith in Charlotte, N.C.

From NYC's International Schools, Lessons For Teaching Unaccompanied Minors

Schools around the U.S. are struggling to accommodate the influx of children from Central America. These schools have been helping students from around the world adjust and learn for years.