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The 3 Questions To Ask In Any Classroom

What education reporters too often miss.
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Finding A New Home For Alexandria Seaport Foundation

A nonprofit that teaches at-risk youth how to build boats is losing its place on the Potomac because of a development plan on Alexandria's waterfront.


Meadow Homes 4th Graders Embrace Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standards have roiled state legislatures across the country and frustrated some parents. But what do kids think of them? We visit a school in California's Bay Area to find out.

Colorado Law Helps Remedial College Students Be Successful

Each year, 1.7 million students are told they're not ready for college. States are mobilizing to fix the remedial system. Colorado's efforts to help students are showing promising results.

Who's Using The Data Mined From Students?

Information tracked by educational software can be of great help to teachers. But as Politico's Stephanie Simon explains, private companies can also monetize the data by selling it to marketers.

Mass Collection Of Student Data Raises Privacy Concerns

States are centralizing record-keeping and tracking student progress, while online educational software sheds light on how students learn. But many worry about how this information could be misused.

Your Thoughts On The Most Important Challenge Facing Education

Poverty? Teaching Talent? A lack of purpose? There's no shortage of opinions.

Educators Not Satisfied With Revised Kansas Social Media Policy

Critics say a social media policy governing what faculty and staff in Kansas can say online is a severe restriction on free speech for educators.

Killed The Mockingbird? American Classics Cut From British Reading List

U.K. Education Secretary Michael Gove has decided that the English literature list for a national exam needs to be more English, so he is swapping American texts in the curriculum for British ones.

After Months Of Homelessness, A Teen Leaves The Woods Behind

Homelessness is not just an urban phenomenon. Desiree Wieczorek spent five months living in a makeshift camp with her family near the New York-Canada border. Then her school stepped in to help.