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Detroit Teachers' 'Sickout' Closes More Than 90 Schools

The public school district says it won't be able to pay employees past June under the current funding plan — even for work already done. A longer-term spending bill is stuck in the state Legislature.
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Transgender Virginia Teen At Center Of National Bathrooms Battle

Kojo talks to the lawyer representing a Virginia teen who sued his school over a rule banning him from using the boys' restrooms.


How College Students Are Sleeping ... Or Not

A new study breaks down 1.4 million nights of sleep on college campuses. The results are surprising.

Kansas Supreme Court Says Schools Could Close If System Doesn't Change

Recently the Kansas Supreme Court told lawmakers: Fix our broken school funding system, or public schools could shut down on June 30. Some lawmakers say Kansas already spends too much on education.

Malia Obama Will Attend Harvard, White House Says

She's going to take a gap year and begin at Harvard during fall 2017, according to a statement from the First Lady's office.


Is There A Better Way To Pay For America's Schools?

There are huge gaps in school funding between affluent and property-poor districts. And, with evidence that money matters, especially for disadvantaged kids, something has to change.

Taking On Poverty And Education In School Costs A Lot Of Money

In 1997, the New Jersey Supreme Court ordered millions of dollars in additional funding to 31 of the poorest school districts in the state. Camden alone spends about $23,000 per student per year.

Why Are Highly Educated Americans Getting More Liberal?

Today, more than half of Americans who went to graduate school are liberal. Less than one in three were in 1994.

Police Arrest Tennessee Elementary School Students Over Off-Campus Fight

On Monday, police are set to explain why they arrested 10 children at an elementary school in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Parents say the kids were accused of not intervening during an off-campus fight. Some were led away in handcuffs. Now the community is doing a bit of soul-searching.

Reporting Live From Miami: A Bunch Of Fourth-Graders Tell Their Teacher's Story

We asked the students in Marlem Diaz-Brown's class in Miami to tell the story of their "amazing" teacher.