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The Numbers Add Up To This: Less And Less Opportunity For Poor Kids

A new book and study both show that the ability to rise from poverty to the middle class truly is shrinking. A child without married, educated parents starts life at a huge and worsening disadvantage.
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Report: Half Of D.C. High School Students Are Chronically Truant

In D.C. public high schools more than 50 percent of students are chronically truant, meaning they've missed more than 10 days of school.

Math Love, Game-Based Learning, And More From NPR Ed At #SXSWEdu

We'll be among the teachers, edupreneurs and innovators in Austin.

The Teacher Who Believes Math Equals Love

NPR Ed is celebrating 50 Great Teachers. Today: The story of a young algebra teacher in Oklahoma oil country, who has taken an unorthodox approach to classroom math.

Education May Be Priceless, But A College Degree Isn't

The four college seniors participating in The Howard Project talk about how they're paying for college, how they make and spend their pocket money and what they expect in their financial futures.

Learning The Hard Truth About Lying

Marilee Jones, the former dean of admissions at MIT, inflated her resume and resigned from her position in 2007. Coming back from that kind of mistake can be harrowing — and life-changing.

There Are Fewer New Teachers. And No One Seems Surprised.

Our recent post struck a nerve. Here's a sample of the responses. Now, tell us the other side of the story.
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In Maryland, Bipartisan Agreement That Mandatory Testing Needs A Moratorium

Bipartisanship was the buzzword at the start of the Maryland General Assembly session this year. But there's one topic where there is actual agreement between Democrats and Republicans: Mandatory testing of students in public schools.

The School Where Everyone Fills Out The FAFSA

At a Chicago high school, 100 percent completion isn't the goal. It's expected.

Why Some Parents Are Sitting Kids Out Of Tests

Sixty percent of parents think there is too much emphasis on testing. Are they right?