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Koch Foundation Criticized Again For Influencing Florida State

The Charles Koch Foundation has given more than a million dollars to Florida State. Part of the deal: the foundation weighs in on whether its grant can be used to pay individual professors.
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Students at D.C.'s Ballou High School Embark on Epic Overseas Adventure

Overseas travel is teaching some D.C. high school students about the world beyond their neighborhoods.

Does Smuggling A Cow Into School Make You A Creative Genius?

Before graduating, some seniors take time to pull off the perfect prank. But it's not just childish behavior. Journalist Annie Murphy Paul says pranks showcase creativity and attention to detail.

Teenage Mischief Can Lead To Jail Time In Tennessee

Teenagers get in trouble for skipping school, breaking curfew or buying cigarettes, but in one Tennessee county, that can mean jail. Susan Ferriss reported on this for the Center for Public Integrity.
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Can You Teach College Students To Be Charitable?

Many nonprofit leaders in D.C. have endured the sweat-inducing experience of asking donors for money; but few have had to approach college kids.


'Mischievous Responders' Confound Research On Teens

If kids report that they're transgender and have one leg and belong to a gang and have several children ... take it with a grain of salt.

Japanese School Says It Won't Be Kinki Anymore

Osaka's Kinki University is named for its home region in south-central Japan. But school officials say the name is distracting to foreigners.
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Coding and the Computer Science Conundrum

Kojo explores local and national efforts to boost computer science competency, and learns how educators are revamping computational learning to give it relevance far beyond the classroom.


Anatomy Of A Great Commencement Speech

What makes a good commencement address great? We read more than 300 speeches and singled out the qualities that made them rise to the top.

Young Poet, Big Prize: A Conversation With The Sophie Kerr Winner

Robert Siegel speaks with Alexander Stinton, the winner of the 2014 Sophie Kerr Prize, the nation's largest undergraduate literary award. Stinton is a graduate of Washington College.