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Dallas Kindergarteners Get An Early Start On Money Management

Financial planners say it's important to start saving for retirement at a young age. You won't believe how young one group of investors is starting in Texas.

A College Education Costs Even More Than You Thought It Did

Colleges already list high sticker prices, but those prices still don't reflect the real cost of undergraduate life. And financial aid isn't effectively bridging the gap.


Lesson Plan: Teach Students How To Rebuff Terrorist Recruiters

Terrorist groups in Kenya are trying to lure smart recruits who can give orders and boost their brand on social media. A high-school teacher is battling them in the classroom.

A Late Birth Date Could Boost The Risk Of An ADHD Diagnosis

Children who are the youngest in a class are more apt to be diagnosed with ADHD, studies find. But researchers say that doesn't mean that they have the disorder.

America's High School Graduates Look Like Other Countries' High School Dropouts

A new study looks at everyday skills, and finds that, when it comes to math, the U.S. is below average. And in computer skills, Americans are dreadful.
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Adding 'How Not To Get Shot' To Driver's Education Is Maryland Senator's Goal

Driver's education classes would teach students what to do and how to react if a police officer pulls them over under a bill making its way through the General Assembly.


Our First Web Comic: A Great Teacher, Illustrated

NPR Ed's first web comic is about a great art teacher who believes art can teach his students how to build their dreams, and change the world.

Yes, You Can Still Teach Kids To Love Books

It can be hard to get teens to read, especially with so much technology competing for their attention. A new book looks at ways teachers can help young people find books (and find themselves).

There Is No FDA For Education. Maybe There Should Be

A leading Harvard professor says American education research gets an F. For too long, he says, excellent research hasn't been translated into meaningful change.

History Of Slavery, Future Of Diversity Still At Issue At Harvard

Student protesters calling themselves Reclaim Harvard Law School say a recommendation that a slavery-tainted symbol be retired is not enough to end their occupation of a student center.