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New Research Suggests Small High Schools May Help After All

A New York City entrant in a long-running research controversy over the effectiveness of small high schools reveals that a reform derided as a failure has positive impact.

LA Schools Superintendent To Leave After iPad Controversy

The Los Angeles schools superintendent is stepping down. John Deasy's resignation follows a contracting scandal that put him on the defensive. He talks to Steve Inskeep about why he resigned.

Interfaith Chaplains Revitalize An Old Role On College Campuses

A third of young Americans report no religious affiliation. Given the odds, you might expect life around a college chaplain's office to be pretty dull these days. Not so.

In Crisis, Philadelphia Public Schools Revoke Teachers' Contract

Mounting debt, concentrated poverty and a political fight have nudged its school system to the brink of insolvency. With nowhere else to cut, district officials voided the teachers' union contract.
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Adult Education Nonprofit Gets On The Charter School Bandwagon

As one of D.C.'s nonprofit adult education centers goes charter and receives a windfall of city money, we explore the expectations that go along with that funding.

LA Schools Superintendent To Step Down Amid iPad Controversy

Rachel Martin talks with KPCC's Annie Gilbertson about the pending resignation of John Deasy, who had been at the center of a controversial plan to purchase 700,000 iPads for students and teachers.

Black Students Gather At Harvard To Watch 'Dear White People'

Dear White People follows the stories of four black students at a prestigious, majority white college, where racial tensions are threatening to bring chaos to the campus.

Harvard Law Professors Say New Sexual Assault Policy Is One-Sided

A group of 28 law professors has written an open letter criticizing the university's new sexual assault policy, citing due process concerns and saying it gives victims more rights than the accused.
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Per-Pupil School Spending In Region Varies Dramatically

Researchers found that as a group, D.C. public charter schools have the highest per-pupil spending of the eight school systems in the area, at approximately $18,000. Prince Georges County spends the least, a little more than $10,000.
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How Much Is Your School District Spending?

A local education think tank has released a new interactive tool that shows per-pupil spending across our region.