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Boosting Education For Babies And Their Parents

The Harlem Children's Zone Baby College program offers classes and supplies to expectant parents and those with kids up to age 3. It also helps create a vital sense of community.

A Bitter Goodbye: Sweet Briar College Closes Its Doors

Despite some legal challenges, the Virginia school is closing — after more than 100 years of teaching women.


What The Best College Teachers Do

Ken Bain has been studying teaching and great college teachers for years. He says they need to tailor their lessons and their teaching to individual students.
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Fairfax County School Board Adds Protections For Transgender People

After an acrimonious debate that lasted hours, the Fairfax County School Board voted to added transgender people to the policy that protects students and staff from discrimination.
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Fairfax County School Board Weighing Whether To Include Gender Identity In Nondiscrimination Policy

The proposal before the Fairfax County school board would extend discrimination protection to transgender students, teachers and staffers. It comes in the wake of an opinion by Virginia's Attorney General Mark Herring that school boards can include sexual orientation and gender identity in their nondiscrimination policies.

Congress Temporarily Renews Funding Program For Rural Schools

Rural counties and school districts can now breathe a sigh of relief. Federal money for schools to offset the loss of tax revenue from nontaxable federal lands expired last September. The fix was tucked into another bill, but it's only temporary.

China, India Surpass Mexico As Leading Sources Of New Immigrants To U.S.

A surge from Asia, and a decline in new arrivals from Mexico, change the outlook for U.S. demographics.

Confusing Financial Aid Letters Leave Students, Parents Adrift

Some critics say the offers are purposely misleading and can lead families to take on more debt.
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Hogan Takes The Long View On Baltimore, Urges Public To Get Started Now

"It's going to take a while to get people back into the city. We're encouraging them, we believe the city is safe. We want to get people in here to spend money and go out to dinner," the governor says.


AltSchool Promises To Reimagine Education For the 2030s

One of the hottest new startups in the Bay Area is a school. The AltSchool was founded by a former Google engineer and he's raised $100 million to build these for-profit microschools.