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Debate Over Transgender Bathroom Access At Public Schools

The Obama administration tells public schools across the country to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. The debate over transgender rights and the legal, social and financial implications.


Forget The LSAT. This Law School Will Accept Your GRE Scores

The LSAT has forever been the choice exam for law school admissions. That's no longer the case at the University of Arizona, and maybe many more schools in the future.

Pre-Obama Directive, NYC Public Schools Embraced Transgender Rights

Mary Louise Kelley talks to Jared Fox, LGBT liaison for New York City's public schools. New York has had policies in place relating to transgender students for years.

Graduation Readers At MIT Go The Extra Mile To Pronounce Names Correctly

Graduation time is here and that means those folks who read names at graduation ceremonies are busy practicing. MIT takes pronunciation very seriously — but they'll still get some of them wrong.

After A 40-Year Detour, 'Squidbillies' Star Takes Home His Diploma

Bobby Ellerbee left his studies to host a radio show, voice a beloved cartoon character, even party with Etta James. Lately, though, he returned to do the one thing he hadn't done yet: graduate.

'Embodiment Of Grit': How Children Of Farm Workers Became Tech Professionals

We first told you about CSin3 — an accelerated degree program — when it launched three years ago. Now its first cohort is set to graduate, with many students heading into high tech coding jobs.

Barbershop: Bathroom Laws, Women In The Workplace And High Heels

Political blogger Dru Ealons, columnist Gayle Trotter, and author Josh Levs discuss controversy over transgender rights, working as a single mother, and wearing what you want at work.

White House And N.C. Governor In War Of Words Over Transgender Guidance

White House press secretary Josh Earnest and North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory each had strong opinions on the federal government's new guidelines about transgender students and school bathrooms.

In Many School Districts, Transgender Bathroom Access Is The Norm

A White House directive issued yesterday lays out what it says schools need to do under existing federal law to accommodate transgender students. We went to schools in California, Kansas and Alabama.

Career And Technical Education: Boom Or Bust?

Vocational education in high schools fell out of favor decades ago. For career and technical education to succeed today, a key researcher says a lot has to change.