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Administrators Hope New Building, Principal Help Save Jefferson-Houston School

The Alexandria public school has a new principal and some new features that administrators say might help turn around the school, whose students now have some of their lowest-ever reading scores.

Giving Every Kid Equal Standing In The School Lunch Line

For students who don't have enough money for a hot lunch each day, visiting the cafeteria can be a source of shame. In Houston, school volunteer Kenny Thompson decided he wanted to change that.
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At D.C. School, 1,300 Students Stopped To Discuss Ferguson

Students at one D.C. school are improving their writing skills by tackling tough social justice issues on paper, including the events in Ferguson, Missouri.

Playgrounds For All Children: Here's How To Find One

For kids with disabilities, a simple activity like going down a slide can be a challenge. An NPR crowdsourcing project maps inclusive playgrounds — fun and safe for all — across the country.
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D.C. Teacher To Apologize For Asking Students To Compare Bush To Hitler

As part of a discussion on the book "War and Peace," a sixth-grade teacher asked their students to compare and contrast President George W. Bush and German dictator Adolf Hitler.

This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain On Music.

A new study suggests that learning to play a musical instrument helps improve the brain's ability to process language. That means music lessons could give kids from low-income communities a big boost.

Built In Better Times, University Labs Now Lack Research Funding

When the National Institutes of Health budget doubled, some schools scrambled to build new laboratory buildings. But the funding has declined, leaving institutions struggling to pay for the buildings.

Q&A: One Student's Educational Saga In New Orleans

A high school senior looks back on five schools pre- and post-Katrina.

Harvard To Get $350 Million Gift From Hong Kong Group

The School of Public Health will be renamed in honor of H.T. Chan, whose son, a longtime university benefactor, received two degrees from Harvard in the 1970s.
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Delaware Schools Struggle To Make Room For Unaccompanied Minors

It's not just the D.C. Metro area that has had to respond to an influx in Central American — Delaware's largest school district is also trying to figure out how to provide these kids the support they need.