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For-Profit Colleges Seeking Veterans' GI Bill Dollars Aren't Always The Best Fit

There are growing calls for leading universities as well as community colleges to do more to attract and serve those who served.

Immigrants' Son Is 1 Of 12 Students Worldwide To Ace AP Calculus Exam

Of the 302,532 students who took the Advanced Placement Calculus exam, Cedrick Argueta, the son of a Salvadoran maintenance worker and a Filipina nurse, was one of 12 to earn every single point.
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Virginia's Charter School Amendment Is Prepped For Round Two In Assembly

An amendment to the state Constitution to make it much easier to create charter schools is expected to take its second big step forward during this session of the General Assembly.


American Muslims Tackle Terrorism With Teens' Best Tool: The Internet

These millennials and teenagers no longer want to stay silent. They are using what they know best — the Internet — to counter the Islamic State's propaganda.

For-Profit DeVry University Is Sued Over Employment Figure Claims

The school maintains that 90 percent of its graduates who are looking for work find employment in their field. The Federal Trade Commission calls that statement deceptive.

Lowering The Bar For The New GED Test

Many students had complained the new version was too hard. A lower minimum passing score means tens of thousands of students could potentially get their high school equivalency diplomas retroactively.

Amherst College Gives Unofficial Mascot 'Lord Jeff' The Boot

The mascot is a caricature of Lord Jeffery Amherst, an English general who proposed giving blankets from smallpox patients to Native Americans. The school receives many complaints about the mascot.

Amherst College Drops Mascot Criticized As Offensive

Amherst will not use the unofficial symbol "Lord Jeff," which is based on an English general who advocated giving Native Americans blankets infected with smallpox.

Growing Numbers Of Chinese Teens Are Coming To America For High School

More than 23,000 have come so far, with California a top destination — especially the Los Angeles suburbs in the San Gabriel Valley. Many teens live with host families and attend private schools.

The Citadel Punishes 14 Cadets Over White-Hooded Photos

"The investigation found that the cadets did not intend to be offensive," Lt. Gen. John Rosa, president of the military college in South Carolina, said.