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Can Fed's New 'Twist' Prevent Another Recession?

Economists and the markets were skeptical about the Fed's latest plan to cut already-low interest rates in an effort to boost the economy. But, as one business professor says, "there's no magic elixir" for the situation the U.S. is in.

Out Of Economic Chaos, A New Order May Be Rising

Every week it seems there are more people looking for work, more companies laying people off, and more nations teetering at the edge of unrecoverable debt. But beyond the latest headlines of gloom, there is a fundamental shift going on in our economy and our world. Host Scott Simon talks with Mike Hawley, formerly of MIT's Media Lab, who says that shift may also hold great promise.

Government Shutdown Threatens Again

The once-rare possibility of a federal government shutdown reared its head again this week. This time it was over House Republicans' desire to pay for disaster relief costs with money for other, unrelated projects. NPR's David Welna explains the Capitol Hill machinations ahead of the Sept. 30 deadline.

The New Standoff: Clean-Car Jobs Vs. Disaster Relief

The House's stopgap spending bill, rejected by the Senate on Friday, takes money from a federal clean cars program to offset spending for disaster aid. Some Republicans see the move as a matter of prioritization, but opponents say it would put American manufacturing jobs at risk.
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Fairfax County Looking For Revitalization

Fairfax County officials are pushing for a series of underground stations to transform the region from a sleepy suburban enclave into a thriving urban core.


Data Show Housing Market Starting To Brighten

Rock-bottom home prices and record-low mortgage rates are tempting buyers back into the market. The National Association of Realtors says sales of existing homes rose nearly 19 percent last month over the previous year.