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How Greece's Financial Crisis Hurts The U.S. Economy

David Wessel, economics editor of The Wall Street Journal talks to Lynn Neary about why the economic situation in Greece is affecting European banks and the U.S. financial picture.

Public Sector Workers Strike Paralyzes Greece

Greece is faced with another major national strike, led this time by the public sector union. The Greek government is under pressure from international creditors to cut the size of the public payroll, and has already announced a plan to sideline and then layoff about 30,000 workers.

Is Nostalgia Enough To Save Friendly's?

Industry experts say the iconic ice-cream parlor, which has filed for bankruptcy protection, has been hurt by the down economy. But Friendly's may also have crossed the line from classic oldie to obsolete.

Occupy Wall Street: Where Everybody Has A Say In Everything

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have a nightly meeting in lower Manhattan. I visited earlier this week. Here's what I heard.
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MoCo Planning Process Speeds Up

While some worry that developers will ignore residents' needs if planning processes were sped up, signs show there are at least some benefits.


Mississippi's Jobs Program: A New National Model?

The state subsidized portions of workers' salaries in the hopes that it would lead to permanent jobs. Six months after the program ended, more than half of the participants were still working. "It just takes a bit of the sting out of the cost of hiring," says one employer participating in the program.

Obama, Banks Trade Fire In Debit-Card Debate

President Obama dived into the controversy over Bank of America's plan to start charging a monthly $5 fee for the use of its debit card, suggesting the bank is mistreating its customers. For its part, the bank says the new fee is designed to recoup the billions of dollars it is losing as a result of a consumer protection law.

In Tough Times, How Are Cities Staying Afloat?

While many cities and entire regions of the U.S. are deep in the economic doldrums, the Brookings Institute recently released a list of 20 cities that are doing relatively well. Guy Raz spoke with the mayors of Nashville and Grand Rapids, Mich., about how they're staying afloat.