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The Rising Cost Of Doing Business With Greece

One U.S. importer of Greek foods sees his business buffeted by the Eurozone's problems: Orders are delayed because of strikes in the port, and suppliers will change their contract terms. But the worst is when things don't show up at all. "I get mad because I depend on those products," he says.

New York Wrestles Over Extending Millionaires Tax

Polls show that New Yorkers favor extending the so-called millionaires tax on the state's top wage earners beyond the end of the year. But Gov. Andrew Cuomo is digging in his heels, saying it encourages some of the state's most affluent citizens to leave.

Greeks Fear They Are Losing Their Sovereignty

Greeks are becoming increasingly resentful at what they see as a loss of their sovereignty. The EU, the IMF and the European Central Bank have demanded an ever tighter regime of austerity.

Consumers Hesitant Even As Economy Grows

Consumer confidence is at its lowest level since the height of the recession, even though several recent figures offer a modicum of hope. The numerous hits to the economy have caused consumers to basically shut down, one economist says.

U.S. Economy Grows 2.5 Percent

The U.S. economy grew 2.5 percent in the third quarter of the year, easing concerns that the country has tipped back into a recession.

EU Pulls Greek Economy Back From Brink. Now What?

European leaders hammered out a deal early Thursday morning to pull Greece back from the edge of default and provide a bigger buffer of cash for other vulnerable EU countries. The details, though, remain to be worked out, and many experts question whether meltdowns will spread across the Eurozone.