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How Technology Is Eliminating Higher-Skill Jobs

Machines used to take over work that was physically hard, or dangerous, or just monotonous. But one expert says that now the things that are easiest to automate are not the lowest-skill activities. Instead, higher-skill, better-paying jobs are being lost.

When Governments Pay People To Have Babies

It's a strategy some countries have adopted to boost falling fertility rates. Here's why it often fails.

Bernanke Speaks To Reporters After Fed Meeting

Federal Reserved policymakers were a bit more upbeat about the economy than in their last statement, but that's not saying much. Fed officials say the unemployment rate will remain above 8 percent well into 2013. Chairman Ben Bernanke took questions after Wednesday's Fed meeting and said the best way to combat increasing inequality is to have an economy that creates jobs. Guy Raz talks with NPR's Jim Zarroli for more.

NY Public Workers To Vote On Austere New Contract

New York state's second-largest public employee union must approve an austere new contract, or face the possibility of 3,500 layoffs. The union rank and file already rejected a nearly identical deal once. But Gov. Andrew Cuomo insists the state can't afford further concessions.