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Amnesty For Overdue Parking Tickets In D.C. Off To Good Start

Drivers in the District with overdue parking tickets are taking advantage of the city's amnesty program that kicked off today.


Solar Company's Shutdown Becomes Political Issue

Just a little more than a year ago, President Obama was in Fremont, Calif., to tout the jobs created by a solar cell manufacturing company called Solyndra and federal loans that helped. On Wednesday, the company said it's filing for bankruptcy.

Obama Changes Speech Date After Dust-Up With GOP

What should have been a simple matter of scheduling turned into a Washington political incident. At issue: When would President Obama give a policy speech about jobs? The president picked next Wednesday. The GOP told him Thursday would be better a choice.

Will Consumer Queasiness Drag Down The Economy?

In the past, consumers usually talked more about cutting back than they actually did, analysts say. However, the sluggish recovery has left Americans feeling financially insecure — and more reluctant to spend.

What's Left To Fix The Economy If It Gets Worse?

Congress isn't likely to go on another spending spree to try to boost the economy, and the Federal Reserve has already pledged to keep interest rates historically low until mid-2013. That leaves experts worried that policymakers are running out of tools to deal with another potential recession.

Obama's Jobs Address To Coincide With GOP Debate

For a couple weeks, the White House has hinted that President Obama would lay out his jobs agenda after Labor Day. Well, Wednesday, Obama asked House and Senate leaders if he could address a joint session of Congress next Wednesday evening — the same day and time as a Republican presidential debate. Late Wednesday afternoon, House Speaker John Boehner said that won't work — how about the next night? NPR's Mara Liasson joins Robert Siegel to talk about this strange case of scheduling and politics.

Consumers Vs. Economists: How Perception Differs

Robert Siegel talks with Gallup's chief economist Dennis Jacobe about Americans' perception of the economy — and how it differs from that of economists.

Demand For Autos Drives Up Factory Orders

Factory orders rose 2.4 percent in July on the biggest jump in demand for autos in more than eight years and a surge in commercial airplane orders. The increase suggests supply chain disruptions created by the Japan tsunami crisis are easing.

Layoffs Slowed In August, Still Above Year Ago; Job Growth Also Slowed

Government agencies and private employers said this month that they plan to lay off 51,114 workers, the outplacement consultants Challenger, Gray & Christmas reported this morning. Meanwhile, ADP says private payrolls rose by 91,000.

Rebuilding After Irene Is Not Going To Boost The Economy

The idea that money spent on fixing the billions in damages will be good for the overall economy is known as the "broken window fallacy," Planet Money's Adam Davidson says. In reality, spending is just shifted around.