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Obama Slated To Give Jobs Speech

Thursday evening, President Obama presents his plan to create jobs to a joint session of Congress. Melissa Block talks to NPR's Mara Liasson for more on the president's speech.

For Nevada, Obama's Speech Has Major Significance

President Obama is slated to present his jobs plan Thursday evening. Among those perhaps most eager to hear the president's ideas are residents of Nevada, where the unemployment rate is the highest in the country. Nevada voters talk about jobs, the economy and their hopes for Washington.

Can New Federal Policies Get Employers Hiring?

President Barack Obama will lay out his plan to create jobs on Thursday, just days after GOP candidates Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman proposed their own jobs plans. But can any policy change at the federal level spur employers to hire new workers?

What Will It Take To Get Companies Hiring Again?

As President Obama prepares to take the wraps off what will likely be a multibillion-dollar plan to spur job creation, employers sound off on what has kept them from adding workers and what they need to start hiring.

Europe's Shaky Finances Rattle U.S. Economy

The two economies, on either side of the Atlantic, are closely linked. Widening European debt troubles are undermining U.S. stock prices and increasing the odds of a global recession. But the problems won't be easy to fix because they're tied to the way the European Union is structured.

Apprenticeships May Solve Skills Gap, Spark Economy

Morning Edition has been asking business people for their one idea on how to help fix a part of the economy. Tim Brown, CEO of the design firm IDEO, talks to Steve Inskeep about his idea of reviving apprenticeships.