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German Influence Looms Over Eurozone Deal

All 17 nations that use the Euro have agreed to integrate their fiscal policies and give the European Union more control over their national budgets. Germany was the prime mover behind this push for greater fiscal discipline. Some are saying the agreement, in effect, unites Europe under German control. Host Audie Cornish speaks with NPR's Sylvia Poggioli in Rome.
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Low-Income Housing Advocates Upset Over Cuts

Low-income housing advocates are enraged over the District's $18 million cut from a fund used to support housing for the city's poorest residents.

Arguing Over A Tax Cut Few People Notice

Congress and the White House continue to debate the future of a 2-percent payroll tax cut that expires at the end of the year. Meanwhile, most voters aren't even aware they're getting it.

Just What Do The Rich Have That's Taxable?

The top income tax bracket in America is 35 percent, but the rich often make their money in ways the IRS doesn't classify as taxable income. That makes it hard to gauge the true income gap in America — and hard to tell exactly how much tax the rich are really paying.

Moving On Up More Difficult In America

A new study shows that it is more difficult to "move up" in America than other developed countries. In America, kids are more likely to stay at the bottom of the economic ladder if their parents had low socio- economic status. Weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz talks with Erin Currier, manager of the Economic Mobility Project of the Pew Charitable Trusts, about why the U.S. ranked worst for economic mobility among the countries in the study.

Alternate Routes To One Goal: Tax The Wealthy

Democratic governors Andrew Cuomo and Jerry Brown are both are asking their states' wealthiest residents to pay higher income taxes to help plug major holes in their budgets. That's pretty much where the similarities end.
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Casino At Arundel Mills Accepting Job Applications

The forthcoming casino at Arundel Mills Mall will not only provide entertainment, but hundreds of jobs as well.