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When The Formerly Rich Need Help Buying Food

Presidential candidates have been sounding off about millionaires on food stamps, but the reality is harsher. Even in high-income zip codes, the formerly well off are having to turn to food stamps to put food on the table. That's according to two new surveys of food insecurity and income.

As Holidays Near, Congressional Standoff Continues

The Republican House and Democratic Senate pushed their game of chicken closer to the precipice Thursday, with a government shutdown threat looming at midnight Friday. Both maneuvered to be able to blame the other — should things fall apart and the government actually runs out of money to operate. NPR's Tamara Keith joins Lynn Neary with the latest.

Sharp Rise In Homeless Children, Study Says

The rate of homelessness among kids has seen a dramatic increase of 33 percent since 2007, according to a new report from the National Center on Family Homelessness. Host Michel Martin speaks with Dr. Ellen Bassuk, president of the organization, and Mike Pomi, who heads a group that provides services to at-risk children in Nevada.
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On The Coast: Working To Survive The Winter Months

Life at the beach sounds like a great idea, but many residents on the coast struggle to survive the lean winter months when tourists are gone.

Willing To Sacrifice After A Long Time Out Of Work

Many people who have been out of work or underemployed for a long time would move to another state or work the night shift to get a job, an NPR/Kaiser Family Foundation poll found. "You [say] yes to any shift, to any time, to any pay," says one man who is considering a move from the Seattle suburbs to North Dakota.

Michigan Town Grapples With Shrinking Public Sector

The city of Inkster, Mich., has just laid off 20 percent of its police force in an effort to make ends meet. The cutbacks illustrate a larger paradox currently at work in the labor market: While the private sector is slowly adding jobs, the public sector continues to shed them.