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Montgomery County Budget Outlook Mixed

Montgomery County in Maryland saw an uptick in income tax revenues alongside a slight drop in unemployment rates -- but looming federal cuts sully the rosy picture.


Ill. Legislature Poised To Pass Business Tax Break

The Illinois House on Monday approved a tax-break package aimed at keeping Sears Holdings and others from leaving the state. The Senate is set to consider the legislation Tuesday.
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Report: Virginia Ranks Low On Child Homelessness Efforts

While Virginia was only 21st in the country in child homelessness, a new report ranked them as 46th in planning efforts to find housing for the 25,000 children in the state without homes.


Hot This Season: Getting In Touch With A Tablet

Black Friday sales for Apple's iPad were up 70 percent from last year, and the newly introduced Kindle Fire has shot to the top of Amazon's sales charts. And with more than 30 different tablets on the market at varying prices this holiday season, the barrier to entry to the tablet market has been considerably lowered.

Airplane Mechanics: A Farm Team For Everyone Else?

It can be expensive to learn to be an airplane mechanic, but once you become one, there are higher-paying opportunities in places like the military or the natural gas industry. For one airplane maintenance facility in Oklahoma City, that means hundreds of jobs go unfilled.

The State Of The Long-Term Unemployed

An NPR/Kaiser poll gives insight into the experience of those without enough work for a year or more. A strong majority of those polled say they don't have much confidence they'll get full-time work. "If I put my hopes in finding another job, I'd just break my heart," one woman says.