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Willing To Sacrifice After A Long Time Out Of Work

Many people who have been out of work or underemployed for a long time would move to another state or work the night shift to get a job, an NPR/Kaiser Family Foundation poll found. "You [say] yes to any shift, to any time, to any pay," says one man who is considering a move from the Seattle suburbs to North Dakota.

Michigan Town Grapples With Shrinking Public Sector

The city of Inkster, Mich., has just laid off 20 percent of its police force in an effort to make ends meet. The cutbacks illustrate a larger paradox currently at work in the labor market: While the private sector is slowly adding jobs, the public sector continues to shed them.
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Maryland Mail Sorting Centers Get Reprieve

Two mail sorting centers in Maryland which were slated for closure are getting a second look, thanks to the attention of handful of senators.


Norway Braces For A Christmas Without Butter

The cause of the butter blackout on the eve of the year's biggest baking holiday isn't entirely clear. But some Norwegians say the country's biggest dairy cooperative didn't import butter even when it became clear it might run out.

Kodak Shifts Focus, Zooms In On Commercial Printing

The company's name was once synonymous with photography, but after years in decline, Kodak is shifting gears to focus on more profitable commercial printing operations — a plan that CEO Antonio Perez says is sure to renew profitability.

Analysis: Rich To Benefit Most In Gingrich Tax Plan

Newt Gingrich's plan to rewrite the nation's tax policy hasn't gotten as much attention as some of his other proposals, but according to a new analysis it would require sweeping changes to the government. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found that 70 percent of Americans would see their taxes go down.