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More Trouble In Greece Ahead Of Debt Inspections

Athens is hit by another wave of protests as international inspectors are due to return to Greece to weigh whether it has done enough to secure crucial bailout funds. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel hints that a second Greek bailout package might have to be renegotiated.

Cain's Catchy 9-9-9 Tax Plan Draws Interest, Doubters

The Republican presidential candidate proposes a flat 9 percent income tax, corporate tax and national sales tax. It attracted the attention of Republican voters in Florida's straw poll, where Cain took first place. But economists wonder how well it would work.

Recession A Tougher Hit For The Middle-Aged

They face more financial demands than other age groups, like supporting a family or paying for their kids' educations, and they're too young to retire. Middle-management positions that were cut during the recession are slow to come back, making competition fierce for those jobs, economists say.

The Dream Of Europe And The Bailout Of Greece

For many Germans, the debate over the Greek bailout gets at what it means to be German, and what it means to be European.

The Hard Economics Of High Holy Days

As synagogues head into High Holy Days, they're finding that the economy is fundamentally affecting their finances. Some rabbis are giving away tickets for people who can't afford them, and others face deeper financial problems not seen since the Depression.

Who Are The Job Creators?

As President Obama pushes Congress to pass his jobs bill, Republicans argue the administration's policies hurt "job creators." The phrase "job creators" comes up often these days in political rhetoric. So we wanted to understand who exactly the jobs creators are. Melissa Block talks with Justin Wolfers, professor of business and public policy at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Wall Street Protest Continues This Week

A protest on Wall Street is in its second week, with more people showing up every day. The group is still working on its message, and it doesn't really have any demands. But the protesters say they are tired of struggling to make a living while the big banks get help from the government.