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Alternate Routes To One Goal: Tax The Wealthy

Democratic governors Andrew Cuomo and Jerry Brown are both are asking their states' wealthiest residents to pay higher income taxes to help plug major holes in their budgets. That's pretty much where the similarities end.
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Casino At Arundel Mills Accepting Job Applications

The forthcoming casino at Arundel Mills Mall will not only provide entertainment, but hundreds of jobs as well.
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Decreased Deer Donations Affect Local Food Banks

Local food bank coordinators say venison donations have decreased dramatically compared to past years, making it difficult for some organizations to provide meals to those in need.

The Partisan Fight Over Consumer Protection

This week, the Senate blocked the confirmation of Richard Cordray, the former Ohio attorney general chosen by President Obama to lead the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It boils down to yet another partisan fight: Republicans say the agency has too much power, and the White House says they won't weaken an agency that is supposed to protect consumers. Host Scott Simon talks with Joe Nocera, an op-ed columnist for The New York Times.

Will The EU's All-Nighter Save The Euro?

European Union leaders completed a marathon of treaty negotiations overnight to address the continent's debt crisis. Host Scott Simon checks in with NPR's Philip Reeves about how this new plan will impact Europe.

Latinos Get Little Thanks For Rebuilding New Orleans

Workers who helped reconstruct New Orleans after Katrina are putting down roots in the city. The construction jobs aren't as easy to get as they once were, and many immigrants report that employers sometimes don't pay them for their work.

Maryland County Rethinks The Shopping Mall

Like other suburban areas, Montgomery County, Md., is wondering what to do with aging shopping malls like White Flint. The solution may be a radical redesign that makes malls look like the things that suburbanites once ran away from: urban downtowns.