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Where Europe's Bailout Falls Short

European leaders have a big task ahead of them. They have to begin fleshing out that big debt plan unveiled to so much fanfare in Brussels this week. The plan represents the most comprehensive effort so far to resolve Europe's grinding debt problems, but some issues may require a global effort to solve.

NPR's 'Hard Times' Series Reporters Begin Journey

NPR has been reporting on the country's tough economic times for years, but in November, two reporters take the story on the road. Starting this week, correspondents Debbie Elliott and Richard Gonzales begin reporting for the NPR series Hard Times: A Journey Across America..

Cain's 9-9-9 Plan A Hard Sell In Anti-Tax N.H.

Herman Cain's tax plan has helped boost him to the top of the Republican presidential field. But talking taxes in New Hampshire — the first state on the primary calendar and one with no sales or income tax — has long been considered taboo.

Official: No 'Silver Bullet' To Solve Housing Crisis

Raphael Bostic, the architect of President Obama's refinancing plan, says the plan has the potential to help millions of homeowners take advantage of historically low mortgage rates. But that alone won't heal the ailing housing market.

After 50 Years, Whirlpool Plant In Arkansas Closes

For almost 50 years workers have filed into the Whirlpool's plant in Fort Smith, Arkansas to build refrigerators, freezers and other home appliances. But after months of layoffs, Whirlpool announced plans to close the Fort Smith plant altogether. And that means more than 1,000 people will lose their jobs. Weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz talks with Fort Smith Mayor Sandy Sanders, who worked at Whirlpool for more than 30 years, about how the shutdown will affect the city.

The Week In News: The Rich Got Richer

The Congressional Budget Office released a study this week that revealed a huge shift in the nation's wealth distribution. The top 1 percent of the country's earners more than doubled their take of the nation's wealth in just 30 years. James Fallows, national correspondent with The Atlantic, joins weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz to discuss that story and others from the past week.
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Maryland Casinos Losing The Gamble

Less money means less gambling, as two Maryland casinos take a hit due to tough economic times.

Why The Haves Have So Much

Why has the gap between wealthy and poor Americans gotten wider? Federal tax policy is part of the story. Those at the top of the income ladder have been the biggest beneficiaries of tax cuts over the last three decades, but the biggest change has come in the shape of the economy itself.