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Frustration Over Jobs Unites 'Occupiers' In Boston

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have attracted all kinds of people and all kinds of causes. Walking around the protest site in downtown Boston, though, it doesn't take long to figure out many of the protesters have the same problem: They can't find jobs.

How Are Business Impacted By Occupy Wall Street?

Depending on the business, vendors are either profiting or losing revenues due to the ongoing presence of protesters in New York's Zuccotti Park. A look at the impact the protest is having on the neighborhood and local businesses.

UAW President Discusses Ford Contract

Robert Siegel speaks with United Auto Workers president Bob King about the contract ratified by Ford workers Tuesday night — and the future of the auto business in the U.S. King says although he's used to seeing higher margins of support from the rank and file, he's satisfied that 62 percent of the Ford workers who voted approved of the contract.

Ford Union Workers Ratify New Contract

Union workers at Ford have ratified a new contract that does not include wage increases for most workers — but does obligate Ford to create 5,750 new jobs in the U.S.

Businesses Push Back On Foreign Bribery Law

The Justice Department has recovered more than $1 billion in fines using an anti-bribery law called the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. But now business groups are calling on Congress to overhaul it and rein in prosecutors. They say the law is producing a lot of confusion and big legal bills.

A Hard-Times Journey: Where Should NPR Go?

America has always come back from hard times. Is this time different? NPR will soon explore the country to hear from people about their experiences in this economy. Help us plan our trip. Tell us what stories you want to hear and where you think we ought to go.