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Demand For Autos Drives Up Factory Orders

Factory orders rose 2.4 percent in July on the biggest jump in demand for autos in more than eight years and a surge in commercial airplane orders. The increase suggests supply chain disruptions created by the Japan tsunami crisis are easing.

Layoffs Slowed In August, Still Above Year Ago; Job Growth Also Slowed

Government agencies and private employers said this month that they plan to lay off 51,114 workers, the outplacement consultants Challenger, Gray & Christmas reported this morning. Meanwhile, ADP says private payrolls rose by 91,000.

Rebuilding After Irene Is Not Going To Boost The Economy

The idea that money spent on fixing the billions in damages will be good for the overall economy is known as the "broken window fallacy," Planet Money's Adam Davidson says. In reality, spending is just shifted around.

Obama's New Economic Adviser A Promising Choice?

As jobs are among Americans' most pressing concerns now, President Obama announced Monday that he has picked Princeton labor economist Alan Kreuger to be the Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. To explore what Kreuger can do for the economy, Michel Martin speaks with Susan Collins, Professor of Economics and Dean of Michigan's Ford School.

Consumer Confidence 'Plummeted In August'

A widely watched gauge of consumers' mood is at a two-year low. That could be a warning sign for consumer spending in coming months.

East Coast Starts To Add Up Irene's Economic Blow

It's still early to make exact pronouncements about how much damage Irene caused, and President Obama said the cleanup in many areas will be tough. But overall, the storm appears to have caused much less damage than forecasters said was possible.

Obama Names Krueger Chief Economic Adviser

President Obama nominated Princeton University economist Alan Krueger to chair the White House Council of Economic Advisers. The appointment comes as Obama prepares to unveil a new jobs package.

'Land Bank' Knocks Out Some Foreclosure Problems

The housing crisis has left banks stuck with crumbling, foreclosed houses that they can't re-sell. In Cleveland, a quasi-government corporation takes over those houses and the lenders pay to demolish them. The idea may soon take hold in other cities as well.

Bernanke Offers No New Measures To Boost Economy

Chairman Ben Bernanke is proposing no new steps by the Federal Reserve to boost the economy while hinting that Congress may need to act to stimulate hiring and growth.

No Signs Of New Steps In Fed Chief Bernanke's Address

On Wall Street, stocks fell at first on word that the Fed isn't likely to take any new steps to boost the economy. They later recovered.