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Greek Parliament Approves Austerity Bill

The Greek Parliament has approved a crucial austerity and debt-relief bill to keep the country out of bankruptcy and remain a part of the eurozone.

Old Money Helps Spanish Village Stay Afloat

For the month of February, a tiny village south of Madrid is running its economy on pesetas, which hasn't been used since 2002. It's a bit of a gimmick to lure older consumers who have piles of unused currency in their closets to spend it, but it's worked, bringing more trade to to town.

Obama's Budget Salvo Opens Next Political Fight

President Obama is scheduled Monday to release his proposed federal budget for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1. House Republican leaders are likely to release their version in the coming days. Neither is likely to pass. Not that it matters — the spending level for the year was set in last summer's bill that settled the debt ceiling crisis.

N.C. Regulator Tapped To Handle $25B Mortgage Deal

Joseph Smith Jr. has been chosen to oversee the multibillion-dollar national mortgage settlement announced earlier this week. Smith is described as a man who understands the plight of the homeowner without forgetting what makes a successful banking industry work.

Hard Times Familiar in Okfuskee County, Okla.

Okfuskee County in Oklahoma is the birthplace of Woody Guthrie, who would have turned 100 this year. Much of the economic problems Guthrie sang about were from what he saw in the county, which was once the largest all-black community in the country. Guthrie's music still resonates there, especially in the town of Boley, where hope is hard to come by. Logan Layden of State Impact Oklahoma reports.

Oklahoma Opts Out Of Foreclosure Deal

Robo-signing and dual tracking wrongfully foreclosed on homes all across the country. Almost every state will accept the $26 billion federal settlement — all except Oklahoma. Weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz speaks with Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt about why he chose to opt his state out of the federal foreclosure abuse settlement.
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Eastern Shore Tourism Continues Strong

Data from a new report shows tourism industries in the eastern shore is still one of the biggest economic boosters in Maryland and Delaware.

Mild Weather Warming Local Budgets

Most of the country is having a mild winter, and that's having a positive impact on cities and towns. Local governments report being able to continue roadwork uninterrupted, and cities that are usually cleaning up after winter storms are saving tens of thousands of dollars.