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Resale Therapy: Auction House Thrives In Bad Economy

A slow economy usually translates to slow business for most companies. But some business models are designed to not only benefit from families in need of quick cash but also provide a cheaper alternative for those willing to spend what little they have.

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New Tax Laws Aim To Support Virginia Businesses

Some businesses in Virginia may get some relief from a local licensing tax under two new bills signed into law. The changes could help business struggling to stay afloat.

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Maryland Proposes Alcohol Sales Tax

Maryland senators are debating whether to add a sales tax for beer, wine and liquor, similar to the one D.C. levies.

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D.C. Attorney General To Sue Online Travel Companies

The District is suing four of the largest online travel companies, claiming the vendors aren't paying their fair share of hotel occupancy taxes.

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Who You Know: The Impact Of Networking On Unemployment

Competing with a highly educated, well-connected work force can be a great challenge for many D.C. residents, but one program is achieving some eye-opening success.

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E-Verify System Now Accessible To Immigrants

Immigrants in five states and the District of Columbia with questions about their eligibility to work in the United States can now use a government database to verify their own status.