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The Mortgage Deal: A Reality Check

The $26 billion settlement reached by the federal government, most states and the nation's largest banks to compensate homeowners for abusive foreclosure practices is unlikely to end the housing crisis, analysts say. It could also lead to a new round of foreclosures, which would drive prices even lower.

Foreclosure Deal To Help Underwater Homeowners

Government officials have worked out a deal with the nation's five big banks to settle state and federal investigations of alleged foreclosure abuses. Banks would have to pay $5 billion in cash and another $20 billion in loan modifications under the terms of the deal.

Study: Young People Hardest Hit By Poor Job Market

Audie Cornish speaks with Kim Parker, Associate Director with Pew Social & Demographic Trends and lead study author about the new Pew report on record high youth unemployment statistics. The study found that negative trends in the labor market have hit 18-34-year-olds the hardest.

PepsiCo Says It Will Cut 8,700 Jobs Worldwide

The announcement comes as the company announced a fourth-quarter income of $1.4 billion.

Jobless Claims Drop By 15,000

At 358,000, first-time claims for unemployment insurance were the lowest they've been since March 2008. The report is the latest of several recent signs that the labor market is gaining some strength.

Settlement Reached With Banks On Relief For Some Homeowners

Officials have been pressing five banks to offer mortgage relief and some financial aid to homeowners who got crushed when the housing bubble burst or were caught up in the "robo-signing" scandal that sped up the foreclosure process.

What Do The Dow's Daily Swings Mean? Not Much.

Even the guy in charge of the Dow doesn't check it every day. Yet we're constantly bombarded by news of the Dow's daily movements.