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Chicago's 'Congestion Fee' Gets Chilly Reception

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently proposed a $2 fee on weekday parking in downtown public lots and garages to help pay for other transportation improvements like new bus routes and bike lanes. Other cities have had some success with similar plans, but some Chicagoans are skeptical.
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Trade Agreements Help Maryland Poultry


Maryland and Delaware poultry farmers are expected to see a spike in revenue from their supply of unwanted chicken parts.


Hamilton's Lesson For Europe: Pay Your Debt

As European leaders meet to decide on a plan to help struggling member nations, they might be helped by some two-century-old advice from America's first Treasury secretary. Alexander Hamilton insisted that paying off Revolutionary War debts would lead to economic greatness.

Eurozone Debt Crisis Divides France, Germany

European efforts to resolve its debt crisis stand in disarray. France and Germany are divided over how to finance bailout programs for Greece and other highly indebted countries. The question is who will back down first.

France And Germany: A Love Story

The Franco-German relationship is so dramatic — so theatrical — it's best to tell it in song.

School Debt A Long-Term Burden For Many Graduates

As the nation's student-loan debt climbs toward $1 trillion, many students face 20-year repayment plans. The average debt is $24,000, but some owe far more and say this burden influences life decisions, from buying a house to whether to have children.

University Of Georgia Students Open Food Pantry

The unemployment rate remains high across the nation and above 10 percent in much of the South. New census data shows young people, those between 18 and 24 years old, are facing some of the highest rates of poverty. Some students at the University of Georgia are reaching out to this group by opening a food pantry on campus. It may sound unusual, but pantries have been popping up on campuses across the country since the recession began.