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Deep In Debt, Pa.'s Capital Faces State Takeover

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania could vote in the coming days to take control of the capital city, Harrisburg. The city faces a crushing debt of more than $300 million related to its trash incinerator. It's also struggling with internal political battles between the mayor and City Council.

Bartering For Health Care: Yardwork For Treatment

As the cost of health care continues to rise, people are looking for new ways to cover their medical needs. At a health care clinic near Portland, Maine, doctors accept an unusual type of currency: "time dollars," which allow patients to rake leaves and perform other community services in exchange for medical care.

Three Years After The Market Crash, A 'New Normal'

Though order was restored to the financial markets, tough times continue for millions who are unemployed and struggling to hang on to homes and retirement savings. It sure feels like a recession, but it's not.

World Powers Seek To Contain Europe Debt Crisis

Global finance officials pledged on Saturday to take bolder moves to confront a European debt crisis that threatens to plunge the world into another deep recession. But sharp disagreements about exactly what to do can't offer much reassurance to markets rocked by uncertainly in recent weeks.

Can Fed's New 'Twist' Prevent Another Recession?

Economists and the markets were skeptical about the Fed's latest plan to cut already-low interest rates in an effort to boost the economy. But, as one business professor says, "there's no magic elixir" for the situation the U.S. is in.

Out Of Economic Chaos, A New Order May Be Rising

Every week it seems there are more people looking for work, more companies laying people off, and more nations teetering at the edge of unrecoverable debt. But beyond the latest headlines of gloom, there is a fundamental shift going on in our economy and our world. Host Scott Simon talks with Mike Hawley, formerly of MIT's Media Lab, who says that shift may also hold great promise.