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Jobs Numbers May Boost Obama Re-election Effort

Friday's lower unemployment figures are good news for the Obama administration early in an election year.

Improved Job Figures Surprise Economists

The Labor Department released its monthly report Friday, which shows unemployment down to 8.3 percent. Is the dip strong enough to push the rate down further in the coming months?
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CETUSA Banned From Bringing In Foreign Students

Foreign students hoping to work in Ocean City this summer may have to find a new sponsor company, as the U.S. State Department has banned one of the country's leading work and travel companies from bringing students in to work.


Have Economists Got It Wrong About The U.S.?

Five years ago, Federal Reserve head Ben Bernanke said the housing sector wasn't a major economic concern. In fact, most experts failed to see the looming subprime mortgage crisis that sank the U.S. economy. If they were so wrong about the Great Recession, it's possible they could also be blind to a "Great Recovery."

Unemployment Rate Edges Down To 8.3 Percent

Private employers added 257,000 jobs to their payrolls, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also says. A slight drop in employment at government agencies brought the overall gain in jobs down to 243,000.

No Doubt: U.S. Remains 'Tremendously Influential'

Some believe America is in decline. But author Robert Kagan disagrees. He talks to Steve Inskeep about his new book The World America Made." President Obama recently discussed an article Kagan wrote for The New Republic called "The Myth of American Decline."

Why IMF Loans Always Get Repaid

Greece is trying to make a deal to slash the amount of money it owes bondholders. Hedge funds will take significant losses. But the International Monetary Fund also loaned Greece a lot of money, and it will be paid back in full. If the IMF isn't paid back, most countries will not lend Greece any more money.