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The Fed Downgrades Its Outlook On The Economy

The Federal Reserve is predicting slower growth and less improvement in the unemployment rate through 2013. The news comes after a meeting of the Fed's policy-making committee, in which it decided against taking new measures to stimulate the economy. But Chairman Ben Bernanke said additional steps may be needed down the road.

China Warily Eyes E.U. Bailout

As the G-20 convenes in Cannes Thursday, the European Union's roller-coaster debt crisis tops the agenda. Last week, European leaders asked cash-rich China to back the E.U.'s bailout fund. Some economists saw the request as marking a shift in the global economic order.

How Technology Is Eliminating Higher-Skill Jobs

Machines used to take over work that was physically hard, or dangerous, or just monotonous. But one expert says that now the things that are easiest to automate are not the lowest-skill activities. Instead, higher-skill, better-paying jobs are being lost.

When Governments Pay People To Have Babies

It's a strategy some countries have adopted to boost falling fertility rates. Here's why it often fails.