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Winning At Short Selling May Not Be A Reason To Celebrate

Our Planet Money team talks to a well-known short seller who tells the story of one stock he bet against. He made a bunch of money, betting against a stock a lot of people liked.

University Re-Imagines Town And Gown Relationship In Philadelphia

Drexel University is taking a hands-on approach to redeveloping one of Philadelphia's poorest neighborhoods with a new center designed to serve not just students but mainly local residents.
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Bowser Trims Salaries For Senior D.C. Staff; Still Well Above National Averages

Compared to the average salary pulled in by senior city officials across the country, D.C. pays quite well, but Muriel Bowser has actually trimmed the city payroll.

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Maryland Budget Cuts Would Hit Black Residents Harder, Lawmakers Say

Members of The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland want to sit down with Gov. Larry Hogan because they see looming budget cuts as disproportionately affecting black constituents.

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Marshall Heights: The Ups And Downs Of A Neighborhood East Of The River

As late as the 1950s, Marshall Heights had the nickname of "Shantytown." Now researchers are calling it one of Washington's fastest-gentrifying neighborhoods.

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Are Artists The Catalysts Of Gentrification In D.C.?

In D.C., the arrival of artists and arts organizations can be an early sign that a neighborhood will soon dramatically change.


Obama's Budget Would Undo Broad, Automatic Cuts Made In 2013

The across-the-board spending cuts, known as the sequester, reduced defense and domestic budgets by hundreds of millions each. Republicans are expected to fiercely defend that plan.

After Weak Earnings, McDonald's CEO Steps Down

CEO Don Thompson is leaving struggling McDonalds. His successor is Steve Easterbrook, the company's chief brand officer.

Why Don't More People Short Stocks? It's A Great Way To Lose Big Bucks

If you own a stock, you're betting that the company will be worth more in the future. But there is another kind of bet you can place: A bet that will make you money if things go bad.

For Long-Haul Drivers, Cheap Gas Means A Sweeter Commute

The plunge in gasoline prices is expected to save the average household about $750 this year. For rural families and others who drive a lot, the savings will likely be even greater.