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What The U.S. Can Learn From Upbeat Brazil

Amid continued political gridlock in Washington, New York Times Columnist Anand Giridharadas says governments should depoliticize the economy. He recently reported in Brazil, where he says jobs and yacht sales are up, and young locals are ecstatic about the future. He speaks with host Michel Martin.

Scores Of British Workers Protest Austerity Measures

More than 2 million public sector workers in Britain are expected to participate in Wednesday's strike to protest pension cutbacks. Thirty trade unions will join in, hitting public services from health, garbage and tax collection to schools, ports and airports.

Central Banks Join To Battle Credit Crisis, Stocks Surge

By adding "liquidity" to the world's markets, the central banks aim to keep credit flowing.

Employers Added 206,000 Jobs This Month, Report Signals

The increase in the ADP National Employment Report was well above economists' expectations. And it could be a sign that Friday's news from the government on November job growth will also be positive.

Workers Likely To Lose Out In AMR Bankruptcy

When American Airlines reorganizes under bankruptcy protection, it's not likely to seek widespread layoffs. The airline already made big cuts during the economic downturn. More likely, the company will seek big givebacks in retiree pensions and benefits.

British Public Sector Workers Strike Over Pensions

What's being described as the largest national strike in a generation has begun in Britain. Some two million public sector workers are expected to take part. It's the latest in a wave of protests over austerity measures that have been sweeping through Europe for many months.

A Steel Town Looks At Its Future, And Sees Rebirth

The Great Recession hit the industrial Midwest especially hard in recent years. Now, though, local leaders in at least one small Illinois city believe the worst is finally behind them. But they need to diversify — and attract new residents.

Modern Greeks Return To Ancient System Of Barter

Across debt-ridden Greece, people are turning to a simpler form of commerce, using both formal and informal systems of bartering as a means to make ends meet. In places such as the fishing village of Volos, swapping goods and services is also fostering a new sense of community.