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A Change at the World Bank

Last week, President Obama nominated a physician-turned-College President to run the World Bank. This sets up an unprecedented competition among three very different candidates, all hoping to run the World Bank...


Finding Cheaper Gas With Your Smartphone

Several companies have developed smartphone applications to help people find the cheapest gasoline prices in town. We tried two popular apps; they work, but there are a few things to watch out for.

Michigan Furniture Maker Celebrates 100 Years

The American office furniture maker Steelcase is celebrating its centennial. At its peak in 2001, Steelcase employed 21,000 workers worldwide. Now that's down to 12,000.
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Amid Wealth, Arlington Struggles With Rise In Poverty

Members of the Arlington County Board are struggling to cope with the rising number of people who live below the poverty line in the county.
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Virginia House Proposes Sales Tax For Transportion Projects

Some Virginia lawmakers say the state is running low on transportation funds, and wants to phase in a sales tax to help pay for infrastructure projects.

Alums Sue Law School After Failing To Find Work

This week, a judge dismissed a lawsuit against New York Law School filed by some of its own recent graduates. They claimed the school's marketing misled them about their chances of getting jobs as lawyers. Robert Siegel talks with Frank Raimond, an attorney who represented them, about the impact of the ruling. Raimond has been filing similar complaints against other law schools across the country.

Trying To Save A Broke City

The governor appointed David Unkovic to save Harrisburg. Now he's being sued by some of the town's residents.

Bank Of America Deal Would Turn Owners To Renters

Bank of America is reaching out to some distressed homeowners with a deal. They can stay in their homes, but as tenants. They would need to turn over the deed to the bank. Bank of America says it will help avoid foreclosures, but housing advocates don't like the plan.