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With Economy 'Expanding Moderately,' Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged

The decision was widely expected. Stocks, which had been on the rise before the news, remain higher.
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Residents Rally Against Cuts To D.C. Social Service Spending

Residents picketed the Wilson Building on Monday to protest $187 million in proposed cut by Mayor Vincent Gray, nearly two-thirds of which came from social services.


Retail Sales Posted Solid Gain In February

They were up 1.1 percent from January. Higher gas prices were one reason, but excluding gasoline sales were still up 0.8 percent.

Record-High Food Prices Boost Farmers' Bottom Lines

Thanks to high commodity prices and surging productivity, U.S. farmers earned a net income of nearly $98 billion last year — a record, according to analysts. Economists say two major factors have been driving up demand: exports and ethanol.

U.S. Treasury Raises $32 Billion In Bond Auction

What is remarkable is that those who bought bonds will get a tiny rate of return. Renee Montagne talks to David Wessel, economics editor of The Wall Street Journal, about what the results mean, who's buying Treasuries and how the borrowed funds are being spent.
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Laws Boosting Business Pass Virginia Assembly

A budget continues to elude the Commonwealth, but a slate of business-friendly provisions passed through Virginia's General Assembly to the delight of business advocates.

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Stakes Rise In Virginia After Failure To Pass Budget

The Virginia legislative session ended on Saturday, leaving the commonwealth without a budget for the first time since 2001. The implications, experts say, could be far-reaching.


On Utah's 'Silicon Slopes,' Tech Jobs Get A Lift

Thanks to tech companies, Utah generated jobs at a faster rate than any other state in the country — with the single exception of North Dakota. The outdoor life is attracting thousands of workers, but the boom is also being fed by the recruitment of top researchers and venture capital investment — a formula that helped create Silicon Valley.

Seattle's 'Car Campers' Face Lack Of Parking

There are hundreds of "car campers" in Seattle's old Ballard neighborhood. They're not homeless, as long as they can find a place to park. But that's getting harder as "no overnight parking" signs close in.